Good evening from Northside.

Good evening from the Metro 17 bus crossing over Mill Creek into Northside. 😀🌇❤️

Kinder Joy.

I was at CVS this week and I saw a display of these Kinder Joy eggs…

I got a couple of them because they were 2 for $3, I’ve never seen them before and I was curious as to what they were. It said was sweet cream topped with cocoa wafer bites. When you pull the two halves of the egg apart, there is a gold side and a white side…

The gold side contains the sweet cream topped with cocoa wafer bites. The sweet cream is a hazelnut cream with a Nutella-like chocolate underneath. And the white side, there’s a little toy of some sort…

The toy in this Kinder Joy egg was a little pull-back racer car…

I’ve opened a few of the Kinder Joy eggs now, and the toy has been different in every one. There was this race car, a different pull-back race car, roller skates for your fingers, a slingshot lion game, a little wizard and a little robot. I have a few more eggs. I can’t wait to see what’s inside my other Kinder Joy eggs! Treat + Toy… Twice the Joy!™ 😀🥚❤️

200 Club.

I joined the 200 Club this morning! Two hundred Timehops in a row

Timehop is pretty fun. 😀🦕❤

Super blue blood moon.

I woke up at extra early this morning to try to catch a peek of the super blue blood moon. But I think I might have got up too early to see the specialness. I guess it didn’t matter all that much. The view of the moon from our bedroom window was pretty obstructed by the trees in our backyard. But it was a still a really big, bright beautiful moon…

When I got up at the normal time to get ready for work, the moon had moved out of view from our bedroom window. So I guess we missed seeing the super blue blood moon. But the photos I saw of it online looked pretty spectacular. 😀🌑❤️

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