Sunday Funday.

Yesterday morning, we took Mack to the vet for his ears. He’s fine but we have to take him back next Thursday to his ears flushed. Poor guy. He’ll be okay. But he’s an absolute wreck in the car. He just stands in the back seat and drools everywhere. It’s pretty gross. But after his vet appointment, we ventured into an area we’ve never been to before looking for a Dunkin Donuts for coffee. What we ending up stumbling upon was an area called Finneytown that neither of us had been to before. This afternoon we went back over to Finneytown to have lunch at a Buffalo Wings & Rings we found…

It was really good. Their wings were outstanding and their onion rings were pretty okay. But my favorite part of lunch was starting with an order of mini corn dogs. They were so good. After lunch, we stopped in College Hill to have a beer at Brink Brewing

We had a couple of beers while watched Colombia knock Poland out of the World Cup and played a best out of five in Sorry! Genifer then sank my Battleship and we played a bunch of Uno. It was a really fun Sunday Funday. 😀🐔🍺❤️

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