The USWNT are World Cup champions once again!


USWNT at Taft’s Brewpourium.

This afternoon we went over to Taft’s Brewpourium to watch the USWNT’s World Cup group match against Chile…

USWNT won 3-0 and the pizza was as delicious as always. 😀⚽️🏆🍕❤️

It has begun.

The USWNT finally got their World Cup started with today’s match against Thailand…

It was pretty neat to see USWNT on the big screen at work today. When I got out of my meeting, they were already up 7-0. And they would go on to a shocking 13-0 thumping of Thailand. 😀⚽️🏆❤️

Now that was a final.

We made our way over to Higher Gravity this morning to watch the 2018 World Cup final between France and Croatia. We were pulling for France, they were our pre-tournament pick to lift the World Cup but mostly we just wanted to see a really terrific final match regardless of who actually won. We were surprised with how much Higher Gravity really filled in as the match was about to begin…

And boy was it ever a good match! The perfect end to a truly incredible tournament. The match ended 4-2 to France. SIX goals in a World Cup final, are you kidding me? Most of the World Cup finals are so conservative, defensive and boring. No one wants to make a mistake. This match was 90 minutes of end-to-end excitement. I didn’t want it to ever end. But all good thing have to come to an end… VIVA LA FRANCE!

And I finally got to get a photo with Jason from Higher Gravity’s Doggie the Dog

I’ve been following Doggie on Instagram since right after Higher Gravity opened about a year ago. But what an amazing month of soccer and an outstanding World Cup! It was one of the better ones in recent memory…

We’re already starting the four-year countdown to the next incredible World Cup. The next one will be in Qatar. And we can’t wait for more World Cup excitement.


Animated GIF courtesy of

World Cup fever.

It’s official. We have World Cup fever. Today, we made our way to Second Place to watch the second half of the France versus Uruguay quarterfinal match…

We wanted France to win. But more than that, we wanted Second Place cheeseburgers….

I don’t know how widespread the knowledge is, but it’s an established fact that Second Place has some of the best cheeseburgers in Northside if not all of Cincinnati….

After France advanced 2-0, we pulled the Change of venue card and made our way to Higher Gravity for today’s other quarterfinal match, Brasil versus Belgium…

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 6.27.32 PM.png

Genifer was cheering for Belgium and they won 2-1. She was very happy…

After the soccer was finished, we came home to hang out in our backyard with Mack…

And my very pretty wife…

It’s very sad that the World Cup in winding down. But it was a really, really great Friday. 😀⚽️🏆🍔🍻❤️

Sunday Funday.

Yesterday morning, we took Mack to the vet for his ears. He’s fine but we have to take him back next Thursday to his ears flushed. Poor guy. He’ll be okay. But he’s an absolute wreck in the car. He just stands in the back seat and drools everywhere. It’s pretty gross. But after his vet appointment, we ventured into an area we’ve never been to before looking for a Dunkin Donuts for coffee. What we ending up stumbling upon was an area called Finneytown that neither of us had been to before. This afternoon we went back over to Finneytown to have lunch at a Buffalo Wings & Rings we found…

It was really good. Their wings were outstanding and their onion rings were pretty okay. But my favorite part of lunch was starting with an order of mini corn dogs. They were so good. After lunch, we stopped in College Hill to have a beer at Brink Brewing

We had a couple of beers while watched Colombia knock Poland out of the World Cup and played a best out of five in Sorry! Genifer then sank my Battleship and we played a bunch of Uno. It was a really fun Sunday Funday. 😀🐔🍺❤️

The World Cup at Second Place.

We walked down to Second Place to watch the third and final World Cup match of the day: Germany versus Sweden

The ending of the match was crazy. Everyone in the stadium knew exactly what they were going to try to do. But then to actually be able to go out and actually execute it, that’s the truly amazing part to me. It was a really good game. And another really good time at Second Place. 😀🏆❤️

Summer Hours: Crown Republic.

I had my Summer Hours again today. This time was decided to check out a new place that just opened down the Eighth Street from work and just up Sycamore Street from where we used to live downtown. It’s a new gastropub called Crown Republic


Genifer tried one of their cocktails. This one is called Derby Punch with Jim Beam, Sage, Watermelon and Lemon…

They had a lot of items on their menu that sounded really good. It was a tough decision. But we made some hard decisions and lunch was served…

Genifer ordered the cheeseburger and it was massive…

Here’s my chicken po’boy…

Both sammiches were great and they were served with terrific fries. It was a really good lunch. Crown Republic also offers $3 Tall Boys. We each had a Hamm’s Tall Boy and hung out at Crown Republic to watch the Switzerland versus Serbia match in the World Cup highlighted by Swiss and Arsenal midfielder, Granit Xhaka’s outstanding strike. It was another wonderful Summer Hours Friday afternoon. Thanks, Crown Republic!

It’s just embarrassing.

We went to Second Place to watch the USMNT take on Trinidad & Tobago in the final qualifying match for next summer’s World Cup in Russia…

Our USMNT needed a win against a Trinidad & Tobago squad that had only won one match in qualifying. They had one win, eight losses, and no draws. Handing T&T one more loss would guarantee the USA a spot in Russia but a tie would more than likely put them into the World Cup finals as well. And the USMNT played really well against in their 4-0 rout of Panama on Friday

And the USMNT lost 2-1. They finished fifth behind Mexico and Costa Rica and Panama and Honduras. Fifth out six teams in the hexagonal table. Next summer’s World Cup finals will be the first without American involvement since 1986. Disappointing doesn’t really cover it. It’s just really dang embarrassing. But I haven’t been this disappointed and embarrassed in the United States since Trump was put in the White House.

But hey, at least it was a pretty evening before the match…

What the heck is happening to our once-great country? 😀🇺🇸⚽️😬😥🚫🏆😭

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