Fantasy basketball 2021.


I played NBA fantasy basketball again this year. And just like last years COVID shortened season, I played eight teams again. Seven of my eight teams made the playoffs. Six of those seven made it to the championship round. And four of those six won their leagues. Four championships from eight teams is pretty good, right?

Fantasy basketball makes the basketball season so much fun, and this was another great season. 😀🏀🏆❤️


If you would have told me when the college basketball season started that Michigan was going to thump Michigan State in Crisler Center to clinch the B1G TEN Regular Season Championship, I would have thought it was just wishful thinking. It doesn’t get much better than that. But that’s exactly what happened…


Fantasy baseball 2020.

I had five fantasy baseball teams competing in ESPN head-to-head points leagues. To be honest, I had a really hard time getting into fantasy baseball this season. I neglected my teams a lot and had a hard time remembering to update them. Four of my teams didn’t do very well. But even with all my neglect, my Whipty Dips finished 5-2 on the season…

They actually made the playoffs in the winner’s bracket…

And come to find out, they actually won their league…

So I earned myself another fantasy baseball championship

Fantasy baseball is still pretty fun.  😀⚾️🏆❤️

Fantasy basketball 2020.


I played NBA fantasy basketball again this year. It seems like it was forever ago that was anxiously approaching another undefeated season. But then all the COVID-19 happened. And the world, including all sports, ground to a halt for months. And our Dallas Mavericks were the default NBA Champions. I was kind of hoping the season would start back up and we could finish out this fantasy basketball season. But it looks like that’s not going to happen now…

Back on June 4, the NBA elected to move forward with a 22-team format to finish its regular season, which was postponed on March 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic. With an incomplete collection of teams playing for the remainder of the season, the ESPN Fantasy Basketball season is complete.

And that’s that. I played eight teams this season. I had teams three finish in first…

Four teams finished in second…

And one team finished third…

It would have been way more fun to get to run through the fantasy basketball playoffs. But what are you going to do? COVID-19 has made a mess of everything. Still, the fantasy basketball season was pretty dang fun again while the season lasted.

Hopefully, there’ll be an uninterrupted fantasy basketball season next year.  😀🏀🏆❤️

Congratulations, Liverpool.

I’m not a big Liverpool fan but I thought this video from Bleacher Report celebrating Liverpool’s first league title in 30 years was pretty poignant…

I’m not crying. You’re crying. Well done, Bleacher Report. Congratulations, Liverpool. Your long wait for a league title is finally over. 🙂⚽️🏆❤️

2019/20 NBA Champions!

Tonight, I was watching my Dallas Mavericks play the Denver Nuggets on ESPN. And during the game, the NBA decided to cancel the rest of the NBA season while the Mavs game was still going. The Mavs ended up thumping Nuggets by 16 points.

So since the Mavericks won the final game of the NBA season… THEY’RE YOUR 2019/20 NBA CHAMPIONS!

Luka Doncic dropped 28 in the final game. He was just one rebound short of another double-double. But your final MVP is Boban Marjanovic with 31 points and 17 boards.

And the Mavs rested one of their superstars, Kristaps Porzingis in the championship game… just because they could. Gangsta.


Fantasy football wrap-up.

I played fantasy football again this season…


I really went overboard with the drafts back before the season started. I wound up with a whopping ten teams this season. That’s twice as many as last year. I ended up with a combined record of 84-46 for the season. The majority of my teams did pretty well with seven of my ten teams making the playoffs. And I ended up winning the championship in four of my ten leagues. My Giant Foam Fingers marched through the regular season undefeated. And they were one of my teams that won their championship, capping off a perfect season! I’ve never had a perfect season in fantasy football before…

Here’s my undefeated lineup from the final championship weekend…

My starting QB was Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson. So it was a little nerve-racking when the Ravens sat him for the final game of the season. Thankfully, I had Drew Breese stashed away for an emergency. Here are my other championship teams…

So once again, I can call myself a fantasy football champion. I think fantasy football is so much fun. It makes the football season really interesting and enjoyable, especially when you’re winning. 😀🏈🏆❤️

Three years ago.

Three years ago today, everyone was waking up to a world where the Chicago Cubs were finally World Series champions after 108 years…

GO CUBS GO! Thanks for the memories, Timehop! 😀🦕⚾️❤️

That reminds me, if you ever get the opportunity to watch Let’s Play Two, it’s terrific…

Let’s Play Two is a documentary that chronicles Pearl Jam’s legendary performance at Wrigley Field during the Chicago Cubs historic 2016 season. With Chicago being a hometown to Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam has forged a relationship with the city, the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field that is unparalleled in the world of sports and music.

It’s just an incredible film that made me fall in love with Pearl Jam all over again. And it does an amazing job of telling the story of the years of heartbreak to the elation of Cubs fans and mystique of Wrigley Field and how it all intertwines with Pearl Jam playing Wrigley Field during Cubs magical run to their World Series championship. That’s a wicked long run-on sentence but it’s just a great documentary that I ended up buying and watch probably once a week.

And while we’re talking about baseball during the non-baseball season, peep this…

It’s all the Cincinnati Reds Big Red Machine team shown through baseball cards framed on a baseball diamond organized by player position. I’ve never really seen anything like this and I just thought it was also really pretty neat.

Fantasy baseball 2019 wrap-up.

Like I said a couple weeks ago, I had five teams competing in ESPN head-to-head points leagues. Three of my teams didn’t do so well. But two of my teams made the playoffs in the winner’s bracket. My Team Action AutoDraft finished 12-9 on the season…

They entered the playoffs as the three seed…

But they ended up losing in the first round. And finished in third…

My other team that made the playoffs in winners bracket was my Team Angry Bears…

Like I said before, I finally beat Yankees Camargo…

And after really sweating out the round 1 win, the championship was a bit easier…

And so I earned myself another fantasy baseball championship

Fantasy baseball is pretty dang fun. 😀⚾️🏆❤️


The USWNT are World Cup champions once again!


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