Just another Tuesday.

There really haven’t been many very pretty sunrises so far this summer. When I look out our window in the morning, the colors are pretty but there haven’t been any clouds. And the clouds are what make the sunrises beautiful, in my opinion.

Look at how pretty the sky was this morning from our third-floor bedroom window…

And one through the filters of Instagram

And when I checked back after taking a shower, the clouds started to go away…

And good morning from Northside…

I finished the last of our Cosmic Stars cereal from Meijer…

Now the next time we go to Kroger, I can get more Shining Stars

Oscar was just hanging out in the front bedroom while I was working today…

And we had sammiches from NYPD for dinner tonight…

NYPD has really good hoagie sammiches. They’re are much to look at, just hoagie rolls piled high with toppings. Genifer usually orders the Italian. And I usually go for the chicken fatija sammich. Like I said, they’re really good. Next time we have them, I’ll be sure to take a photo of them.

And I don’t know how I missed my good evening from Northside photo tonight. I bet it looked a lot like yesterdays photo. And that was pretty much our Tuesday. 😀🗓️❤️

Fantasy basketball 2020.


I played NBA fantasy basketball again this year. It seems like it was forever ago that was anxiously approaching another undefeated season. But then all the COVID-19 happened. And the world, including all sports, ground to a halt for months. And our Dallas Mavericks were the default NBA Champions. I was kind of hoping the season would start back up and we could finish out this fantasy basketball season. But it looks like that’s not going to happen now…

Back on June 4, the NBA elected to move forward with a 22-team format to finish its regular season, which was postponed on March 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic. With an incomplete collection of teams playing for the remainder of the season, the ESPN Fantasy Basketball season is complete.

And that’s that. I played eight teams this season. I had teams three finish in first…

Four teams finished in second…

And one team finished third…

It would have been way more fun to get to run through the fantasy basketball playoffs. But what are you going to do? COVID-19 has made a mess of everything. Still, the fantasy basketball season was pretty dang fun again while the season lasted.

Hopefully, there’ll be an uninterrupted fantasy basketball season next year.  😀🏀🏆❤️


Two years ago, I was recovering from my second hip replacement surgery…

Three years ago today, FC Cincinnati’s magical 2017 US Open Cup run continued as FC|C defeated Chicago Fire on penalties in the Round of 16. It was an amazing night that will forever be etched in Cincinnati sports lore…

Thinking about that night still gives me chills.

And four years ago, we officially moved into our house in Northside…

Unpacking is just the worst. I’m glad we’re all settled into our great big house now. And we said goodbye to our little apartment downtown…

Five years ago, Cincinnati was getting ready to host the MLB All-Star Game…

Thanks for all the wonderful memories, Timehop. 😀🦕🍕❤️


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