Three years ago.

I posted this photo to my Instagram with the caption, @genmae5 is beautiful.”

Today, it popped up in my Timehop. Three years later and I still think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. It’s funny to me that just when you think you couldn’t be more in love with someone, you find yourself falling in love with them just a little bit more every day. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I love you so much baby! 😀😍❤️

Still more thunderstorms.

After our dog walk and after we finished our pizza, we were upstairs in our bedroom tidying up and we heard thunder and looked out the window towards our backyard to see these menacing looking clouds…

And when we looked out the window in the front of the house, we saw this scene…

Now granted I took this photo with my Polaroid CUBE so the contrast is a little jacked up but still. Those were some serious looking storm clouds that thankfully skipped right over our neighborhood and dumped their rain somewhere else. 😀☁️❤️

NYPD Pizza.

We haven’t had NYPD Pizza in a little bit. We were really missing it. Absence does make the heart grow fonder because it was sooo good tonight. 😀🍕❤️

Good evening from Northside.

It turned out to be a slightly overcast yet very pretty evening. 😀🌄❤️

Imagine that.

Another rainy day in Cincinnati…

The top photo was taken with my Polaroid CUBE and the bottom photo was taken with Instagram.  😕🌧️☔️❤️


There were so many Daddy Long Leg spiders that crossed our path on our dog walk. We were pretty shocked the other day when we counted 29. Tonight, we counted 72…

Seventy-two Daddy Long Leg spiders. I couldn’t imagine seeing more spiders along this path than we did tonight. 😀🕷️❤️

Slow down and grill.

Genifer’s mom came over this afternoon with a whole bunch of good stuff for us to throw on the grill for a Memorial Day cookout including these amazing steaks…

It was one of the best charcoal piles I think I’ve ever made so we started throwing everything we could find on the grill because it was cooking so nice…

YUM! Oh my gosh, what a meal! Those steaks were outstanding! 😀🥩❤️

Happy Memorial Day!


Thank you to all the brave men & women who protect and serve our great country.
#USA #Murica #RememberTheFallen

Image found on the intertubes.

Back and better than ever!

This afternoon we walked down to Second Place to watch the Reds game. And they had a brand new shiny popcorn maker!

The last time we stopped into Second Place for Cinco de Derby (Derby de Mayo?), Second Place’s popcorn maker was broken and they had just ordered a new one. When Genifer walked in and noticed the popcorn machine was missing, I thought she was going to have a full-blown panic. We ran into a bunch of friends at Second Place who were just on their way back from Taste of Cincinnati…

We watched the end of the Reds game at Second Place and then walked with them up the street to Higher Gravity for a beer…

It was another pretty fun evening in Northside. 😀🏆🍿🍻❤️

Pause for paws.

We were pretty lazy this morning. We just laid around and watched some tv…

Lazy Sundays are the best. 😀🐾📺❤️

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