FC Cincinnati versus Louisville City, part 2.

IT’S FC CINCINNATI MATCH DAY FIVE! And somehow for the second time in just five home matches this season, FC Cincinnati was playing host to their rival from across the river, Louisville City FC. Louisville won the first meeting 1-0. I don’t quite understand how the USL comes up with their schedule. You’d think the schedule would consist of playing every team in the conference home and away. But that’s not the case. At all. Welcome to the USL…

We got to Mac’s Pizza Pub in Clifton early so we could watch the Champions League Final between Liverpool and Real Madrid…

That match was a bummer. I don’t care for Real Madrid. At all. They’re the Yankees of soccer. And that’s not a good thing. I wonder if Mo Salah will have second thoughts about joining Madrid after Sergio Ramos wicked dirty takedown of Salah that knocked him out of the match and put his World Cup in jeopardy. Sergio Ramos is the worst. Ridiculously dirty player. I knew Sergio Ramos was going to do something dirty like that to one of Liverpool’s big three players. If you can’t beat them, get them sent off. If you can’t get them sent off, hurt them. Dirty Sergio Ramos. I just don’t like the guy one bit. However, I do like crazy college kids with chalk…

At the half, it was 1-0 Louisville. And that means it’s time for SPRINKLES!

And once again, it wasn’t FC|C’s night. They fell to Louisville 2-0. For some reason, FC Cincinnati really struggles against Louisville. It’s pretty annoying that they can’t score against Louisville. 😶⚽️❤️

It was a little underwhelming.

When we’ve been walking the dogs, we’ve been keeping an eye out for Daddy Long Leg spiders after seeing 29 on our walk through Parker Woods a few days ago

Today, we only saw 18 Daddy Long Leg spiders. Bummer. 😀🌳🕷️❤️

Inside my Birchbox: May.

Genifer got me hooked on Birchbox. She first got it for me for my birthday. Now every month a really cool little box of handpicked men’s grooming samples show up on our doorstep. I love it because it gives me the chance to try a whole bunch of different products that I wouldn’t normally even hear about, let alone get to try…

In this month’s little box of goodies was Anthony Glycolic Exfoliating & Resurfacing WipesDavines Naturaltech™ Energizing Shampoo, Brickell Men’s Products Invigorating Mint Body WashBilly Jealousy Salad Days Body Scrub and Air Repair Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer. My favorite products in this box were either the energizing shampoo or the body scrub. Both were great. I love Birchbox. 😀🎁❤️

#TBT Pause for paws.

Snug as a bug in a rug. Always remembering the good times with the bud dog. 😀🐾❤

Whoa! What the heck happened?!

As I was packing up to leaving work, I heard a whole bunch of sirens racing around the city. I didn’t give it a lot of thought because it happens not a lot but often. As I was leaving the building, I noticed police had Main Street closed at Eighth Street. Odd. As I walked up Main Street to the bus stop, I saw why…

Someone flipped their car in the middle of the intersection at Main and Ninth Streets. And it was the only vehicle involved in the accident…

It was really weird and no one could figure out how this happened. Ninth Street is very flat. The roads were very dry. And only one car was involved. How this happened will forever remain a mystery to me. I just hope everyone involved was okay. 😀🚗🗯️❤️

Pause for paws.

Oscar was watching us from the back seat of our car when we stopped at Sidewinder to get coffee this morning…

He was riding with us because he had a vet appointment later in the morning. He’s been having allegery issues with his ears. Poor guy. 😀☕️🐾❤️

A Thursday evening in Northside.

This evening we dropped off our cable boxes and remotes to Spectrum to finally be done with cable once and for all. After that, we planned on stopping by the relatively new Mad Tree taproom in Oakley for a happy hour event. Their space is really massive and oddly the amount of parking is not. We drove around the parking lot looking for a spot twice before calling it quits and heading back to Northside. We stopped at Higher Gravity on the way home. They were hosting a Star Wars Hans Solo event featuring some beers from Woodburn Brewery… 

Higher Gravity had some beers that had really great package design…

And on the way home, we stopped at Chameleon to grab a couple of delicious pizza slices to take home with us…

It was another fun night in Northside. 😀🍺❤️

Downtown details.

Main and Eighth Streets looking east. 😀🏙️❤️

US Open tacos.

Tonight, we ate delicious tacos for dinner while we streamed FC Cincinnati’s US Open Cup third round match away to Pittsburgh Riverhounds…

And FC Cincinnati defeated Pittsburgh 3-1 to advance on to the fourth round of the 2018 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup…

Next up for FC Cincinnati in US Open Cup play, FC|C will host Minnesota United of MLS at Nippert Stadium on Wednesday, June 6th. We’ll see you there! 😀⚽️🌮❤️

We saw 29!

We went on our normal dog walk this evening through Parker Woods…

The other day we started noticing that there were a bunch of Daddy Long Geg spiders on the path. We started counting about halfway through our walk and counted 13 spiders. Tonight, we started counting from the beginning and we saw 29 Daddy Long Legs…

We walked a little over a mile tonight…

It equates to seeing a spider every 200 or so feet. That’s a lot of spiders. 😀🌄🕷️❤️

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