Pause for paws.

We worked in our backyard most of the afternoon and evening. And I think we wore Mack out. He just curled up in a puppy ball and went to sleep on the patio…

When we came inside to straighten up and get ready for the start of another week, Oscar was still watching what we were doing but Mack hopped up on his bed on the sofa and went back to sleep…


Our backyard.

We’ve started really working on our backyard to try to turn it into the little oasis it has that it has the potential to be. This afternoon we hung some little cafe lights around the top of our back patio. And after waiting for the sun to go down, we got to see what they looked like…

They are so cute. And they really illuminate our back patio and a good portion of our backyard. It makes it so pretty to sit out on our back patio now. 😀💡❤️

Westside Sunday.

We had to run some more errands this afternoon and we found ourselves once again on the Westside of Cincinnati. And that was cool with us because we got to catch a little bit of Genifer’s nephew’s baseball game…

I think we’re good over on the Westside for a minute. 😀⚾️⬅️❤️

Donald Deskey on CBS Sunday Morning.

Our company’s namesake, Donald Deskey was featured on CBS Sunday Morning

“Sunday Morning” looks back at the career of Donald Deskey, an advertising man, and designer behind New York City’s Art Deco showcase (and of many consumer products), who died on April 29, 1989 at the age of 94.

And via the Deskey website…

Donald Deskey pioneered the idea that design shapes modern life. He designed Radio City Music Hall and helped reinvent the humble chair. When he saw the need for clarity in the supermarket, he helped invent modern branding. By building from core shared values, he created enduring brands that inspire us to this day.
We are his people.

And I’m proud to call myself one of his people. 😀👍❤️

Corners of our home.

The new duvet we ordered for our bed arrived today…

Looks pretty nice and it’s super comfy! 😀🛏️❤️

Good evening from Northside.

And one our way back home after walking through Parker Woods…

Good evening from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

Stuffed Mushroom Saturday.

We ran a bunch of errands today. We also took Genifer’s nephew out to dinner for his birthday. But the highlight of the day was stopping at Longhorn for lunch because they had this stuffed mushroom appetizer that was out of this world…

I love me some stuffed mushrooms. 😀🍄❤️

We didn’t get Jack’d.

Genifer had a work fundraiser at Jack Casino this evening. She picked me up at work. I dropped her off at the Casino. Took the car home and hung out with the dogs for a bit. Then I walked down to catch the Metro 17 bus to the Casino. There was a really big moon while I was waiting for the bus…

I didn’t have to wait very long before I was on the bus back downtown…

And in no time, I was at JACK Casino…

And we didn’t get Jack’d. When Genifer was done, we wandered around a bit, watched people play some craps, had a few drinks, caught an Uber and came home with money still in our pockets. 😀♥️♠️♦️♣️❤️

A quick run around downtown.

I ran some errands around downtown Cincinnati this afternoon. At the beginning of every baseball season, I let myself buy a new Reds sweatshirt and a new reds polo shirt.  I’ve been looking for a Reds quart-zip fleece forever. But I’ve never really been able to find exactly what I’ve been looking for. I bought a grey Reds quarter-zip online. But when it showed up in the mail, I really didn’t like it. It just seemed really cheap. But yet, the price tag wasn’t really cheap at all. So I dropped it off at the UPS Store by Fountain Square to send it back for a refund. From there, I headed down Fourth Street to Kock’s Sporting Goods to see if they had a Reds hoodie that I’ve been eyeballing for last three or four seasons now. They had it in stock, and it was $30 less than I’ve seen it anywhere else but they only it in a small. I stopped to admire the view of an empty lot where a rather large parking garage used to stand at the corner of Fourth and Race Streets…

I continued back down Fourth Street and noticed the new Sleepy Bee on Fourth…

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Sleepy Bee. Someday, I’ll have to give it a try. From there, I walked down to GABP…

I got us some Reds tickets for the seven-year anniversary of our first date on Monday…

The Reds team shop had the sweatshirt I’ve been eyeballing…

But it’s a Nike hoodie and it’s $120 in the team shop. And that’s just stupid. They also only had it in a medium. When I tried the medium on, it was a bit snug. I like my hoodies kind of baggy. Thankfully, they didn’t have a large. And I wasn’t tempting into paying way too much for a ridiculously overpriced sweatshirt to rep the worst team in baseball. Instead, I  ordered this Reds hoodie from Homage online while standing in the Reds team shop. And it was half the price of the Nike hoodie. And it was on sale. Coming out of the team shop, I noticed a new taco shop in the new AC Hotel in The Banks, Condado

All those people waiting outside for a table. It’s kind of silly. Inside looked cool though…

I made my way down the street to BurgerFi

I grabbed a burger and then I walked back to work. It was a nice little lunchtime run around downtown. And there’s always something new in downtown Cincinnati. 😀🏙️❤️

Two years ago today…

Our official marriage license arrived in the mail from Jamaica. 😀💒💍❤️

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