Rocket Drone ZF7 With Folding.

I’ve been really wanting a drone for a while now. But drones are kind of expensive. I didn’t really need a drone. I just wanted one. I noticed all that really cool drone footage on YouTube videos and kept thinking that a drone would be a terrific gadget to add to my photo bag. It would have been cool to take a drone on trips to get some really great aerial photos of wherever we happen to be, especially when we were on the beach in Jamaica or the Dominican Republic or South Haven

When the chance came along on Dealspotr to promote a little drone from Force Flyers, I jumped at the chance. My application was accepted and about a week or so later, there was a package waiting for me on our front porch…

And now I had a drone. For free. All I had to do was write a blog post about this drone to promote it. And it was all mine. My new toy was the Rocket Drone ZF7 With Folding from Force Flyers. According to Dealspotr, the retail value of this drone was $79.99. Not expensive at all but not super cheap either for something I didn’t really see myself using all the time…

My first reaction was really positive. It was pretty small and compact. The propeller arms folded in towards the body making it really easy to carry. It would be super easy to throw it in a backpack to take it with me. As I read the instructions on how to operate it. It seemed rather complicated. You had the two joysticks each four buttons below each joystick and an additional button above. It was a bit intimidating, all those buttons…

Maybe that’s why it sat on the desk in our office for the last month. Maybe it was because it seemed like every weekend we either had stuff going on or the weather was rainy so on the desk it sat. I’ve studied the instructions a bunch of times over the last month, trying to figure out how to fly this drone. I don’t have any experience with drones. And it seemed a little more complicated than it needed to be. But I don’t have anything to use as a comparison. We didn’t have anything going on today and the weather was pretty nice. At least the sun was out. So I decided to take the Rocket Drone ZF7 With Folding out for its first flight. I read the instructions again as I walked to the big grassy field behind the school at the end of our street…

The drone was equipped with a “Hi-Res WiFi FPV camera” so you can capture all of the action with First Person View right to your phone. I attached my Samsung Galaxy Note9 to the controller and launched the app. I calibrated the gyroscope, powered up the drone and I had lift-off. As it hovered in the air, I snapped a still photo with the camera…

With it still hovering in place, I started to record video of my drone’s maiden flight. I touched the left joysticks and the drone started to drift away from me. Frantically, I started moving both joysticks to try to pilot the drone back in my direction. But the controls went completely unresponsive as the drone drifted towards tall trees just on the far side of the soccer goal in the photo above. I started to run after it hoping that if I got closer to it maybe I could regain some control of the drone. But I couldn’t get close enough in time and I watched it hit the top of one of the trees and drop to the floor of Parker Woods on the other side of a ten-foot chain-linked fence. I took a photo to help me locate it. This is what I saw…

That’s not going to be much help. I figured out how to get around the chain-linked fence, and I spent the better part of an hour looking for the drone in a very soggy, muddy Parker Woods. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me where exactly it crash-landed. But it’s out there somewhere…

You’d think something white would stand out like a beacon. It does not. As I searched for it, I thought maybe I could use the video I was recording to help me locate the drone somehow. But when I went to playback the video, all I saw was this…

And that’s when I stopped looking for the drone. What good is a drone if you can’t take super cool drone videos? But more so, what good is a drone you can’t actually control? Maybe it was pilot error, maybe it was just defective. But I’m happy to say that I no longer have the desire to own a drone. I’ll just stick to watching other people’s really cool drone videos on YouTube from now on.

I found Rocket Drone ZF7 With Folding on Amazon where it’s listed at $49.99. Not surprisingly, it has a single one-star review. 😀👨‍✈️❤️

Beau Brummell Face Wash.

For Christmas, Genifer got me a subscription to Birchbox. Every month, I get a box full of little samples of different men’s grooming products. There have been a lot of new brands that I’ve been turned on to, especially different colognes and hair products. But the one thing Birchbox hasn’t found me yet was a face wash that I really loved. Lucky for me, I got the chance to check out The Gentlemen’s Face Wash by Beau Brummell…

George Bryan Brummell, better known as Beau Brummell, was one of England’s most refined gentlemen from the late 18th to early 19th centuries. Born to a middle-class London family, Beau Brummell became a testament that elegance is a product of style and personality, as opposed to class and money. His fame began when he attained the rank of lieutenant in a prestigious cavalry regiment, where he became a close confidant of the future King, George IV.

His ambition was to revolutionize men’s fashion of the day and he is now credited with inventing the modern men’s suit, worn with a necktie. Beau simplified the custom of men wearing large, ornate clothing and ushered in the era of men wearing finely tailored fitted garments. This new age of men’s fashion became known as “dandyism.” Fast-forward to the twenty-first century and Brummell’s contributions to men’s style and modern elegance are still as relevant now as they were back then.

In addition to his timeless innovations in fashion, Beau famously spent nearly 5 hours a day on his grooming regimen. Following his lead, men throughout England (and later Europe) began the practice of shaving daily, bathing daily, and wearing fragrances. I don’t have five hours a day to spend on my grooming. But we’ll definitely give this a try and see how we like it…

For the Beau Brummell website:

The Gentlemen’s Face Wash offers an effective way to keep your skin clean and free of dirt and oils. Cleansing your face twice daily ensures your skin will maintain its youthful appearance. Rosemary oil and caffeine leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth, so you can stay handsome.

I was very excited to give this product a try. The fragrance is wonderful and it’s a deep green-grey color when it first comes out of the pump, which is surprisingly hard to photograph. When you lather it on your face, it gets very foaming and there a slight tingly sensation. Another added benefit of Beau Brummell’s Face Wash is it contains activated charcoal powder. They claim their face wash contains a heaping amount of the stuff, it’s why their product has that wonderful dark color. I’m no scientist but apparently, the charcoal absorbs and traps impurities from the surface of your skin and washes them away as you rinse your face. To read more about the benefits of activated charcoal, check out Beau Brummell’s blog post about why they use charcoal.

At the end of the day, I’ve found my new face wash. My search for a face wash is finally over. Some of these face washes I’ve seen on Birchbox have been pretty ridiculously priced. But at just $25 for an 8oz bottle, this is definitely a product that I’ll be ordering, over and over, to stay #BrummellFresh. And if you enter the code, MEETBEAU at checkout you can save $5 on your order. Thanks, Beau Brummell! 😀🚿❤️ 

Check out all the grooming and skin care products Beau Brummell has to offer.

Thank You, CanvasChamp!

You might have noticed the Dealspotr logo that showed up a while ago near the bottom of the sidebar here on our blog. I’ve become a verified influencer with  At its core, Dealspotr is a crowdsourcing platform for deal sharing tapped into the power of community to maintain the internet’s largest, most reliable database of promo codes. Personally, I really like Honey. But that’s neither here nor there. But Dealspotr also the Dealspotr Marketplace where they connect influencers and bloggers with brands to promote their brand, products and deals on Dealspotr.

The first brand I wanted to promote was CanvasChampthe “CHAMPION” of Home Decor Printing. As you know, I really love taking photos and capturing memories. CanvasChamp has been passionate about preserving and showcasing those memories with canvas prints that are of the highest level quality yet surprisingly inexpensive. They also handcraft other home decor products that are easy on the wallet as well. They are so confident in their rates that they have their “BEST PRICE GUARANTEE” meaning they’ll match any published price on the internet and beat it by an additional 10%. They claim only thing cheap in a CanvasChamp print is the price. When I was given the opportunity to see for myself, I jumped at the chance.

Set-up was really easy. I selected a 16×20″ canvas. The next step was the hardest step of the entire process: choosing which photo to get printed. I selected a photo from our wedding in Jamaica from my desktop. I discovered you can also upload photos straight from your Instagram, which I thought was a really neat feature. Next, you choose your wrap. I chose a thin gallery wrap meaning my canvas was going to have a 3/4″ inch thickness. Then it was onto choosing the border. I choose to have the photo wrap onto the edges of the canvas. The final steps were choosing the style of the hardware for hanging and any optional color finishing. And then you add your finished creation to your cart. Easy as that. I placed my order and five days later we came home to this was sitting on our front porch…

They really wrapped it up tight for safe shipping…

WOW! Our canvas print turned out awesome!

There’s our hanging hardware on the back…

We took it upstairs to hang in our front bedroom. And it looks fantastic!

The clarity of the photo is amazing. There isn’t any blurriness or pixelization…

The photo wraps around the sides of canvas…

Awesome. Thanks, CanvasChamp! This was easily one of the best quality printed canvases that I’ve seen. And I’ll definitely be ordering more canvases very soon! This canvas would have been just under $20. You really can’t beat that.

Get a free 8″X8″ canvas print with your first order when you enter the promotional code, THADDF OR  FREE8X8 at checkout. And when you share your first purchase with your friends, you’ll get rewarded with a free 12″x12″ canvas print absolutely free when your referral places their first order. Your friends will get 87% off AND Free Standard Shipping on orders over $75. They’ll get a free canvas if they enter either code as well.

DISCLAIMER: COUPON CODE is available for one-time use only • To use the code, you’ll need to have minimum 2 or more products in your cart at checkout • There’s no limitation on the product you can buy to activate this offer • The offer is valid for email subscribers only • Please note that CanvasChamp reserves the right to rescind, revoke or terminate the offer at any time, with or without cause • Contact CanvasChamp at for any query regarding placing an order
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