USMNT v. Venezuela.

This afternoon our United States Men’s National Team was playing host to Venezuela at Nippert Stadium as a warm-up to the upcoming Gold Cup…

We should have known what was in store for us when the USMNT starting lineup was announced. No Christian Pulisic. No Michael Bradley. We didn’t even recognize half of the names in the starting eleven. But it’s the USMNT, right? In Cincinnati. At Nippert…

And here was the best part. The team’s walkout and Sam the Bald Eagle and our National Anthem with the National Team in Cincinnati…

The USMNT had a couple of good chances at the beginning of the match…

Then it pretty much went downhill from there really fast…

The USMNT was down 3-0 after just 36 minutes…

And that’s how the match would end 3-0 to Venezuela

If you really wanted to thank your fans, you wouldn’t play a complete B team that mailed in their performance.

It’s stupid hard not to be ridiculously disappointed with both this team selection, the performance and the outcome of this match. I was really looking forward to seeing the USMNT in person. There were a lot of people who paid a lot of money to watch this team for the first time at Nippert Stadium and this happens. Not us, we just had general admission tickets. But now we’ve seen the National Team and I don’t know that we’ll ever need to see them again.

After the match, we went to Mac’s for a pizza…

And we saw this…

And it’s funny because it’s true. What a disappointing afternoon. At least the pizza was really good. 😀🇺🇸⚽️🇻🇪❤️

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