Good evening from Northside.

And speaking of pretty clouds, how beautiful were these clouds over Northside?

Good evening from Northside. 😀🌄☁️❤️

A Grey Friday.

As promised, I switched desks at work today. I wasn’t the only person. Almost everyone shifted desks at work today. Here was my old set-up…

And here is my new set-up…

Pretty much exactly the same. Just a little bit further from the window. Bit of a bummer.

And that makes this, the last WyzeCam photo from Grey Midwest

Dang. At least, they brought in a whole bunch of different McDonalds breakfast stuffs for the big move this morning…

I ate a bacon, egg & cheese biscuit and almost immediately didn’t feel good. And that’s why I don’t eat McDonalds.

The view from the other side of Grey’s floor looking east is so pretty. I love all the highways overlapping each other and there are some train tracks over there with the Ohio River and the rolling hills in the background…

And those clouds…

If I could set-up a WyzeCam looking out of this window. I would probably watch this view all day long. I’d never get anything done.

On the bus ride home, I got to see the progress they’ve been making on the building they were constructing across from where I used to work…

They’ve really made some progress. And I finally feel like have too. 🤔💻📷🚧❤️

They mowed the grass!

They did it! They actually mowed the grass on the empty lot at the end of our street. The grass has been mowed with less and less frequency ever since some overzealous parent from the Montessori school up on top of the hill decided it would be a good idea to turn that green space into a fruit orchard. So far, the result has been large piles of wood chips that have gone undisturbed for months and knee-high weeds. But today, the company that does the landscaping for the school actually decided to mow the grass…

It’s a modern miracle. I wonder when this space will actually become an orchard?

Probably not while we’re living in Northside. 🤔🍑❤️

It must be Thursday.

We stopped at Queen City Radio again on the way home from work for a whip classic cheeseburger, a cheese coney, and some fries…

We love the whip classic…

YUM! We love Queen City Radio Thursdays! 😀🍔🍟🌭❤️

Look up in the sky.

Compared to yesterday, today was very pretty downtown…

I really like my window view at work. But tomorrow, I have to change desks and most likely won’t have my spot by the window anymore. And it’s a bummer. 😀🏙️🌫️❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

Genifer made goat cheese & spinach stuffed chicken breasts for dinner tonight…

And they were awesome! 😀🐐🧀🐔❤️


Some storm clouds rolled through downtown this morning…

And holy geez, did it get dark outside…

Yikes. 😀☂️❤️

You, me and the dogs.

Here’s our new sign we got at The City Flea from our friends over at Thornwoods

We like it. It’s pretty darn fun. Because it’s pretty darn true. 😀🐶❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

Tonight, we had Chicken Parm Pizza and Caesar Salad for dinner…

Chicken parm pizza is sooo good…

And Caesar Salad is really good too…

Genifer always finds the best stuff to make for dinner. 😀🍕🥗❤️

We have our tickets!

Our tickets showed up for Louisville’s Forecastle Fest in the mail today…

We’re going to see The Killers on Forecastle Friday! 😀🎵❤️

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