And a cherry on top.

On our way home from work tonight, we stopped at Northside Distilling Company for a happy hour drink…

I’m in love with their White Russian called The Dude. It’s one of my favorite drinks in all of Cincinnati. And it was an Old Fashioned for Genifer. She love’s a good Old Fashioned…

I finally got a few decent photos of one of the cherries for our drink being carmelized…

Northside Distilling Company makes some pretty outstanding cocktails. 😀🥃❤️

Dream big & Fly high.

I ran out to get something for lunch. (I got a caesar salad from MidiCi at Race and Sixth Streets. It was really good.) On my way back to the office, I noticed this new-to-me mural for the very first time…

I don’t if it’s really a true mural though. It kind of looked like it was painted on board or some sort of substrate and then mounted to the building’s facade. Nonetheless, it’s pretty neat. 😀🖌️🎨🐷❤️

And it was a rainy morning.

Yesterday’s rainy evening carried over into this morning. It looked really threatening when we were taking the dogs out on their morning walk before work…

On our way downtown, it didn’t look any better…

And by the time I got upstairs to work, it was raining again…

But the good news is, I made myself this breakfast sammich croissant at work…

It was delicious. And later, there was strawberry birthday cheesecake at work…

So it’s all good. 😀☁️🌧️🥐❤️

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