It’s not Thursday.

Almost every Thursday on our way home from work, we stop at Queen City Radio for a beer and one of their amazing Whip Classic burgers. This week we couldn’t wait and decided to stop at QCR on a rainy Wednesday…

I’ve also been really liking their cheese coney lately. I think their Whip Classic is one of the absolute best burgers in all of Cincinnati.  😀🍔🍟🌭❤️

Beautiful day, rainy evening.

It had been pretty sunny all day until it was just about time to go home. Then it got all grey and overcast and started to rain…

Bleh. 😀☁️☔️❤️

#CincyStreetBots 🤖

When I was walking around downtown Cincinnati today, I stumbled across another one of those little (what I’m calling) #CincyStreetBots

But it was so long ago and I’m sooo far behind on our blog that I can’t remember where exactly in downtown Cincinnati that I saw this one. And that’s a bummer. 🙁🤖❤️

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