Seen and noted.

Check out this big daddy long legs that we saw out on our back patio this evening…

Remember when we were walking through Parker Woods and we saw 125 daddy long legs on one walk? Yeah… That was pretty crazy. 😀🕷️👀❤️

And then I mowed the grass in our backyard…

We still need to figure out what we’re doing with our backyard. It has so much potential. But we really can’t decide on how we want the finished product to look. We keep looking at idea after idea and even started a Pinterest board to collect and organize our inspirations. But it hasn’t done much to help. And it’s kind of a bummer.

Happy National Pizza Party Day!

We stopped at NYPD on our way home to pick up a cheese pizza so we could celebrate National Pizza Party Day

And it was delicious. Every day should be National Pizza Party Day! 😀🍕❤️

It’s what’s for lunch.

I went out to lunch today to Taste of Belgium in The Banks with some coworkers. And I had this grilled ham and cheese sammich that was a lunch feature…

It was ham with Gruyère, Havarti, goat cheese, caramelized apples & shallots, and béchamel, whatever that is. And it was amazing! That’s all. It was just an amazing, amazing sammich. 😀🥪❤️

Good morning from Grey.

Good morning from Grey Midwest in downtown Cincinnati

Every morning, Grey provides breakfast for everyone. Fridays are bagel days…

I had this everything bagel with garden vegetable cream cheese spread…

And it was awesome! What a delicious way to start the morning. 😀🥯❤️

Oh, and there were some cool clouds later in the day…

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