We made it through Monday.

Good morning from Northside…

Why do Mondays always have to be so grey and overcast?

Today, I found this on the intertubes…

Yeah. I don’t know either. We didn’t get grilled cheeses. We had BLTs for dinner…

I love BLTs. It’s crazy how such a simple sammich can be so dang good. I put some turkey and cheese on my sammich. So I guess it was actually more of a turkey club sammich if you think about it. But it was really good though.

Good evening from Northside…

Still gloomy. But we made it through another Monday. 😀🌄🥪🥓🥬🍅🧀❤️

I love grilled cheeses.

Genifer made amazing grilled cheeses for lunch and they were delicious! 😀🥪🧀❤️

FC Cincinnati versus Toronto FC.

This evening our FC Cincinnati played host to Michael Bradley’s Toronto FC. But first, we stopped at Mac’s Pizza Pub for their special $5 matchday pizza…

And I wanted a grilled cheeses with some waffle fries…

And when we were done eating, we walked over to Nippert Stadium to watch our FC|C play those hosers from up north…

Jozy Altidore didn’t play in this match. I’m not even sure if he traveled with the team to Cincinnati. And that’s fine. I’ve always thought that he was really overrated. We saw him play against the Crew in Columbus. And he was just as underwhelming in person as he is with the national team.

But even terribly overrated players can scorch you when they’re left totally unmarked just outside of the 18. Like when FC|C was playing Toronto up in Canadia

Here we go…

There were fans at Nippert who booed every time Michael Bradley touched the ball. I found it to be incredibly disrespectful with all he’s done on the USMNT. I think he’s one of the better, more consistent players that our national team has had lately…

And FC Cincinnati lost 5-1. It’s just been painful.

We grabbed an Uber back to Northside Tavern for a drink…

And then we came home and walked the dogs…

It was a pretty fun evening if you take out the 5-1 loss. 😀🍕🥪⚽️🍺❤️

It’s what’s for lunch.

I went out to lunch today to Taste of Belgium in The Banks with some coworkers. And I had this grilled ham and cheese sammich that was a lunch feature…

It was ham with Gruyère, Havarti, goat cheese, caramelized apples & shallots, and béchamel, whatever that is. And it was amazing! That’s all. It was just an amazing, amazing sammich. 😀🥪❤️

It’s what’s for dinner.

We made grilled cheeses and tomato soup for dinner tonight…

There’s nothing better than grilled cheese and tomato soup on a cold and rainy evening. 😀🧀🥪❤️


It’s what’s for dinner.

Tonight, Genifer made grilled cheeses with broccoli cheddar soup for dinner…

That soup was outstanding. Broccoli cheddar is my favorite. 🙂

It’s what’s for dinner.

For dinner tonight, Genifer made Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup & grilled cheeses…

Delicious stuff. She makes some really amazing meals. 🙂

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