What an eyesore.

The open green space at the end of our street used to be so pretty…

It was well maintained and just a beautiful space at the end of our street…

Now, its just a hot mess. It’s supposed to be an orchard. They planted about a half dozen little trees. But it hasn’t been mowed yet this year. There’s still a giant pile of wood chips and no one has worked on it in over a year…

I wish I could just plow this whole “orchard” under so it could just go back to a nice green grass open space. Right now it looks like trash. 😀🌳❤️

They mowed the grass!

They did it! They actually mowed the grass on the empty lot at the end of our street. The grass has been mowed with less and less frequency ever since some overzealous parent from the Montessori school up on top of the hill decided it would be a good idea to turn that green space into a fruit orchard. So far, the result has been large piles of wood chips that have gone undisturbed for months and knee-high weeds. But today, the company that does the landscaping for the school actually decided to mow the grass…

It’s a modern miracle. I wonder when this space will actually become an orchard?

Probably not while we’re living in Northside. 🤔🍑❤️

What the actual heck?

One of the things I love about our street is this open green space. We think it belongs to the Montessori school up the hill at the end of our street. Over the last couple of weeks, someone has been dumping stuff in this space. First, it was a big pile of wood chips. Then there was another pile of wood chips. And some tree trunks…

It was making me more and more irritated. I could only think that it had to be from one of the houses that are being renovated on our street. Most likely from the house right across the street…

And they were the ones that were dumping their waste in this space…

And then there was also some mulch…

And a bunch of fence posts…

And then yesterday morning, there were a bunch of people and kids working in the space. Turns out they are from the Montessori school are turning part of the green space into an orchard/fruit farm…

I was getting all fired up for nothing. Nothing at all. 🤪🌳🍏❤️

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