Just trying to get through the week.

Good morning from Northside…

Faithful Companion dropped off Svensk’s remains this morning…

Our home feels very empty without her with us. We miss her so much.

There was a little garter snake in our backyard this afternoon…

Thankfully the dogs didn’t notice it.

Good evening from Northside…

We had buffalo chicken pasta for dinner…

We’re just pretty ready for this week to be over. 🙁🌄🐾🐍🍽️❤️

Overcast and grey.

It was another overcast and grey day…

And there was a grey squirrel on our fence…

It was overcast and grey. 😀☁️🐿️❤️

What an eyesore.

The open green space at the end of our street used to be so pretty…

It was well maintained and just a beautiful space at the end of our street…

Now, its just a hot mess. It’s supposed to be an orchard. They planted about a half dozen little trees. But it hasn’t been mowed yet this year. There’s still a giant pile of wood chips and no one has worked on it in over a year…

I wish I could just plow this whole “orchard” under so it could just go back to a nice green grass open space. Right now it looks like trash. 😀🌳❤️

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