Over 1 million.

I got an email from Google this morning. And this email was to inform me that the 600+ photos I’ve posted publicly to Google Maps have now received over 1 milliion views

A million views on just 600 photos is a pretty amazing accomplishment especially when you consider that the 94,500+ photos I’ve uploaded to my Flickr since March 2007 have received just under 8 million views. My three most viewed photos on Google Maps…

Third was taken inside Melt Eclectic Cafe in Northside with over 54,000 views…

Second was inside Northside’s Blue Jay Restaurant with over 60,000 views…

And the bar at Django Western Taco’s old location is my most viewed photo on Google Maps with more than 80,000 views…

Isn’t that nuts? Social media stats like this just kind of blow mind. 😀📷👀❤️

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