I rode the Streetcar.

This afternoon I rode the Streetcar Cincinnati Bell Connector

I got my $1 two-hour CB Connector pass…

And made sure to get it validated…

After waiting for a few minutes, the Connector rolled up to the Aronoff Center Station…

Next stop, Cincinnati Cyclones Station in The Banks…

From there, I walked around the corner to Great Amercian Ball Park…

I got to check out the new Pete Rose statue out in front of GABP…

I got us two tickets to Sunday’s Reds versus Cubs game…

After getting us tickets, I walked down East Freedom Way to get lunch from Burgerfi

I walked back to Cincinnati Cyclones Station in The Banks to wait for the Connector…

Seventeen minutes later…

And back to work…

Mmmmm, Burgerfi…

It was a fun little jaunt around downtown to break up the afternoon. But I’m pretty sure if I just walked down to The Banks and back, it would have been a WHOLE LOT faster. The CB Connector is neat and all, but if you’re trying to get someplace quickly or on a schedule, you should probably explore other options… or just walk. 😀

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