It’s what’s for dinner.

Genifer made baked Jamaican Jerk Chicken tonight for dinner…

And she made festival too…

YUM! I love Jamaican jerk chicken and festival! 😀🐔🔥❤️

Lunch at someplace other than Arnolds.

We had lunch at nada today for a coworker celebration. Usually, we always have these sort of things at Arnold’s. It’s almost as if someone at work has a minority share in the ownership of the Arnold’s or something with the frequency we have group lunches there. It was really refreshing to go somewhere else. Anywhere else. And I haven’t been to nada in ages

I ordered the little nada sliders with steamed onion, cheese, jalapeño and sweet chili-glazed fries with crema. It was really good. I had forgotten how much I liked their little slider burgers…

Genifer and I will have to go check out their Vacation Vibes Wednesdays after work someday in the not too distant future. 😀🇲🇽🍔❤️

Baseball is…

This popped up in my Timehop today…

It doesn’t matter how good or how bad the Reds get, we still always have the Reds game on whenever they’re playing. Maybe it was growing up a Cubs fans. And watching the Cubbies struggle year after year, summer after summer, season after season. There’s something so familiar about cheering for the underdog.

But win or lose, we’ll always love our Reds. 😀⚾️❤️

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