Hooray! It’s Friday.

Dang. Yet another grey morning in Northside…

Good morning from Northside…

Before we started work, we ran over to Kroger for some groceries…

Have you seen these digital advertising strips on the displays at the end of the aisles?

I should have taken a video of them. But I’ve been yelled at so many times for taking photos in Kroger that I get a little gun shy. They were fully animated with varied advertising messages. They were really cool. But they weren’t nearly as cool as these monster candles…

Kroger had the panda and the train again today in the international aisle…

And they had fun unicorn balloons

Seen and noted were these Wendy’s Baconator Pringles chips…

They don’t sound good to me. But what about some Halloween candy?

Why wouldn’t there be Halloween Reese’s Cups pumpkins in the grocery on July 31st?

We had delicious BLTs for dinner…

We’ve been on a real BLT kick lately. Probably because BLTs are so delicious.

And this evening it was still grey…

Good evening from Northside…

Thank goodness, We made it through another week. Bring on the weekend. 😀🗓️❤️


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