Ohio Maker Mart at UA.

This afternoon we walked over across Northside to Urban Artifact

We had one of Urban Artifact’s Epicurean Cranberry Jalapeno Jam

And it was as delicious as it sounds. By the way, Wild Fire Pizza Kitchen is serving brunch now and it also sounds really delicious…

This weekend UA was hosting the Ohio Explored Ohio Maker Mart shop again

After walking through the bottom, we walked upstairs…

There was some really great stuff…

After wandering around for a bit, we walked to Boswell’s Alley to get some Bos Bites…

And a Super Grill…

It’s so simple but it’s one of my favorites. It was another fun Northside Sunday. 😀🍺❤️

Northside Saturday.

Early this afternoon, we walked down to Blue Jay for lunch…

We both had grilled cheeses and fries. My grilled cheeses had so much turkey on it…

After lunch, we walked over to Urban Artifact

UA was hosting the Holiday Ohio Explored Ohio Maker Mart. We didn’t know there were going to be food trucks at Urban Artifact this afternoon. I don’t know that we would have skipped Blue Jay though. Those grilled cheeses really hit the spot…

There was even more stuff downstairs in UA’s taproom…

It was really fun to wander around and look at all the crafts. If you were looking for a new hand-knit winter hat, this was the place for you. Genifer got two new winter hats. And I got a really shiny ring with beautiful inlays. After the Maker Mart, we walked down to Second Place for a drink. They replaced all their beer tap handles with the tops of trophies. I wonder how long they’ve been like that and I never noticed…

It was another really fun Saturday in Northside. We love our neighborhood. 😀🛍️❤️

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