What the heck?! Part three OR Roll for Ohio Skee-Ball Championship.

After work this evening, we had to stop at the auto parts store to get some tail light bulbs for the Jetta. On our way to the auto parts store, we saw this cargo container truck that must have taken the corner too fast to first on Spring Grove Avenue from Mitchell…

That’s the third flipped over vehicle we’ve seen this year. After we got our new bulbs, the traffic was ridiculous what with the flipped over truck and all. So we decided to stop at Taft’s Brewpourium for a beer and a little bite to eat while we waited for the traffic to die down. Unbeknownst to us, Taft’s Brewpourium was hosting The Roll for Ohio Skee-Ball Championship tonight presented by Ohio Lottery. The event pitted Cleveland versus Columbus versus Cincinnati in a battle of skee-ball supremacy. It was all linked via a live televised feed between the three cities. The city with the highest total points from two hours of skee-ball would be declared the skee ball champion of Ohio…

Taft’s was really crowded for a Thursday night. We weren’t sure if it was for this event or if it was because of the traffic or if it’s just always best after work on Thursdays…

The Ohio Lottery was handing out Ohio Lottery skee-ball coasters and skee-ball scratcher lottery tickets. Genifer won $30 with her lottery ticket. I didn’t win anything with mine…

We got an order of loaded tots and their knots…

Their stuff is so good.

We rolled some skee-ball. I had a couple of really good games with three or four 50 point rolls in a row…

It was a very fun event to just sort of stumble into this evening. Later, we saw Cleveland ended up winning The Roll for Ohio Skee-Ball Championship. 😀🏆❤️

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