Sunday funday.

We went grabbed an Uber down to The Banks this afternoon to go watch our Reds play Sunday afternoon baseball against the Cardinals. It was our fourth Reds game of the season. We were meeting up with Geri, Cleve, Alyssa and their baby, Pippa. When we down to The Banks, we found there was a whole festival going on…

It turns out it was the Cincy Celtic Fest. We hung out there for a second, and then we went into Great American Ball Park to watch our Reds. We had tickets up in the Fioptics District again. I think it’s our favorite section in the whole ballpark…

Usually, we don’t go up into the Fioptics District. We usually just watch the game from the Fioptics terraces. But today, we didn’t the upstairs. And that’s fine. It was pretty warm out and the upstairs had plenty of shade and a nice breeze…

And we got free pizza again

It was a good game. The Reds snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory to lose 5-4

I’m really at getting everyone together for group photos at things like this. For whatever reason, it’s just something I never really think about until everyone has gone their separate ways, and then it’s like, “I should have taken a group photo. Dang.” I’ll have to work on that.

After the game, we went back to Aster to wait for the Uber prices to drop…

And then we went home. It was another really fun Sunday. 😀🇮🇪⚾️🥃❤️

Reds baseball game #12.

It felt like forever since we’d last been to a Reds game. It had been over a month since we were last at the ballpark. I don’t think we went a month without going to a baseball game in all the time we lived downtown. Heck, I don’t think we went a week without taking in a Reds game. But with all the FC|C soccer and our move, things happen and times change. Tonight, we hopped on the Metro 17 bus (god bless that 17 bus) and made our way down to Great American BallPark. Taking the bus in was super easy and much cheaper than an Uber and definitely way cheaper than paying for parking. We got off the 17 at Government Square on Fifth Street, and walked down Main Street to GABP. We had almost the same distance to walk to the ballpark as when we lived on Sycamore Street. It felt a little odd and weird to walk down a different street after so many trips down Sycamore Street to see the Reds. But there we were at Reds game number 12. The journey might be a little different now but it’s still the same beautiful ballpark we know and love…


The Reds were playing those whiny birds…

We had tickets for the Cincinnati Bell Fioptics District again. We really like those seats. It was pretty empty on the way to the district.

And not surprisingly, they were plenty of good seats still available…

The Reds were down to their last strike…

And this one did not belong to the Reds, 5-4 to the Cardinals…

The Reds took two out of three from St. Louis. Since the All-Star break, they’ve won six straight series. And win or lose, it’s always great to be at the ballpark. We ended up riding the Metro 17 home. And that was a bit of an experience just because the bus was surprisingly packed. We had to stand the entire trip home. Next time, we go to an evening Reds game, we’ll most likely just catch an Uber home. 🙂

Reds baseball game #9.

Tonight, we walked down to GABP to watch our Reds take on those whiny bird Cardinals from St. Louis…

Because one our favorite ex-Reds pitchers was on the hill tonight, Mike Leake!


These guy were either giving the $1 hot dog stand a work-out, or doing the All-You-Can-Eat-Seats the right way…

Adam Duvall hit a dinger for the Reds…

The Cardinals tied the game at 6 in the top of the ninth…

In the bottom of ninth, Joey Votto hit a walk-off home run for the Reds win! Walk-off, Mr. Votto! Walk-off!

The Reds game are always fun, especially when they win! 🙂

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