My April Stitchfix.

My StitchFix for April arrived in the mail today. I opened it up to find this bag…

Inside the bag were these great Sperry’s…

There was this great long-sleeve button-up…

Another sharp polo shirt…

A pair of navy shorts…

And another great pair of denim…

Pretty nice stuff. For the first time, I decided to keep everything in the box. Between my new job and our upcoming road trip, I can really see myself wearing all this stuff. A lot. And this box was pretty reasonable. I really like my StitchFix. I can’t wait to see what is in my next box in June! 😀📨❤️

My March StitchFix.

My StitchFix for March arrived in the mail today. There was this pink polo…

And this light blue/grey polo…

There was this red t-shirt…

This grey lightweight hoodie…

And this dark denim…

Pretty nice stuff. I decided to keep just the light blue/grey polo shirt. The other stuff was really nice but it was a little on the expensive side. I really like my StitchFix. I can’t wait to see what is in my next box! 😀📨❤️

My very first StitchFix.

Genifer has been doing StitchFix for a little while now. StitchFix is the personal styling company that sends you a box of five different clothing items as often as you’d like. And Genifer really likes it. I finally gave it a try because it seems the only clothing I’ve been buying lately is just stuff from my favorite sports teams. Hoodies. Polo shirts. T-shirts. I have them all, for all my favorite teams. I gave StitchFix a try to break out of my rut and maybe get some brand new big boy clothes…

I kept the last two items, the grey and navy sweater, and the grey denim pants.

I’m pretty excited too! StitchFix is a pretty neat service. And returning the three items I decided to return was also super easy. I can’t wait to see what is in my next box! 😀📨❤️

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