Tickle Pickle’s Wing Wednesday.

Last week, we checked out Tickle Pickle’s Taco Tuesday. Tonight, we checked out Tickle Pickle’s Wing Wednesday

The wings came six to an order with your choice of BBQ, Buffalo or Mango Habanero…

We got an order of the BBQ wings and an order of the Mango Habanero wings…

The BBQ wings were really good. They were really big wings too…

And Mango Habanero were really spicy but delicious as well…

Who knew that Tickle Pickle was more than just really delicious burgers? Now, we have a bunch of different delicious reasons to stop into Tickle Pickle. 😀🐔❤️

It’s a sign.

For Taco Tuesday at Tickle Pickle

They also have Wing Wednesdays at Tickle Pickle. We’re going to have to check out both of them really soon! 😀🌮❤️

It’s Wednesday night…

Why wouldn’t we order pizza from NYPD?

And we watched Jurassic World on demand. It was okay. 😀🍕🥖🐔📺🦖❤️

Wing Wednesday.

We love chicken wings so this evening we walked across downtown…

To go check out Wing Wednesday at Americano Burger Bar

We checked out the awesome $5 Americano Burger Tuesdays a little while back…

And could wait to devour some of Americano’s delicious wings. We’ve had their wings with the house rub before and they are some of the best wings around. Every Wednesday, the wings are just a mere 50¢ each. And you have to order them in quantities of six. So for $3, you get a little basket of deliciousness. They come in three flavors hot, BBQ and of course, the house rub…

We order six of the BBQ…

They were outstanding. And we ordered six of the house rub…

We really don’t know which ones we like better. They were both outstanding. But what we do know is that we’ll be back very soon for another Wing Wednesday at Americano Burger Bar. 🙂

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