Slow down and grill.

I don’t know if you noticed but we hadn’t grilled yet this week. So I stopped into Avril Bleh Meat Market downtown on Court Street looking to pick up some burger patties to throw on the grill tonight…

I got two aged steak burger patties. The butcher said they were made with the leftover meat after they were done cutting the steaks. When there wasn’t enough meat left to cut another steak, they took what was left and ground into patties…

And we threw a bunch of hot dogs on the grill for lunches…

I should have cleaned off the top of the grill before it got super hot. Stupid mulberries.

After the burgers and dogs were done, we threw some chicken strips on the grill that Genifer had marinated half in BBQ sauce and half in jerk seasoning…

She also made some spicy baked mac & cheese topped Ritz crackers…

A delicious meal! Those burgers were outstanding, and the mac & cheese was great!

YUM! We love our grill! 😀 🍔 🌭 ❤️


Pause for paws.

Oscar was so excited to get to ride in the car with us this morning…

That excitement was gone by the time I got dropped off at work…

He probably figured out somewhere between point A and point B that he was going to get his haircut. But now he looks so handsome again with his new Superman bandana!

He’s a funny, funny little guy. 🙂

Taco Tuesday.

It was Taco Tuesday again at Silverglades Deli on Eighth Street…

I love tacos. I’ve really been digging on the hard-shell tacos lately. 😀 🌮 🌮 🌮 ❤️
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