Superb Owl Sunday.

Well, the result of The Big Game™ didn’t turn quite as I would have liked. I guess Tom Brady and the Patriots can’t win all the Superb Owls. It’s awful nice of them to let someone else win one every now and then. But it was still a good game. And there were some pretty good commercials. Oh well. Onto the next sports ball season already in progress. 😀🦉🏈❤️

Pause for paws.

Just Oscar snuggling with his Andy bear during the Superb Bowl…

He cares not for The Big Game. Remember to check out Oscar’s Instagram. 😀🐶🐻❤️

Superb Owl Pregame.

We pregamed for the Superb Owl with another massive 22″ pepperoni pizza and wings  from Chameleon Pizza in Northside. The best part is… ready? This time… THEY DELIVERED IT! Chameleon’s pizza delivery is up and running. It took just a little over a half hour for all this amazing deliciousness to be sitting on our dining room table…

So much pepperoni. We could only eat two slices each because they are huuuuge…

The pizza is great. But we can’t say enough about their wings. Their boneless wings are outstanding. We’ve only had BBQ boneless wings. But I would be hard-pressed to try a different flavor or bone-in wings because these are just out of this world…

And with our bellies full, we journeyed back up to our third floor where it’s the warmest in our house to get ready for tonight’s big game. 😀🍕🐔❤️

ps. What’s up with the back-to-back pizza posts on the blog?! High five for pizza! 🖐️🍕

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