NYPD Pizza party!

Good morning from Northside. It was a very pretty morning…

Looking through my sunglasses, it looked like there was a dust storm or something along the horizon in the distance. I tried to take a photo of it through my glasses…

It was weird that I could only really see it through my glasses. So I wonder if it was my eyes playing tricks on me because I was just reading about the massive cloud of dust from the Sahara Desert that is crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

After work, we had an NYPD Pizza party

It had really been a while since the last time we had an NYPD Pizza party

Ohmigosh. It was so delicious. We love NYPD Pizza parties.

Good evening from Northside…

It was a pretty and pretty tasty Thursday. 😀🌄🍕❤️

Congratulations, Liverpool.

I’m not a big Liverpool fan but I thought this video from Bleacher Report celebrating Liverpool’s first league title in 30 years was pretty poignant…

I’m not crying. You’re crying. Well done, Bleacher Report. Congratulations, Liverpool. Your long wait for a league title is finally over. 🙂⚽️🏆❤️

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