Danny Boy Burgers.

The sunrise was very pretty this morning…

Maybe it was super pretty but it’s the first sunrise we’ve had in a minute in the sea of infinite grey that has been the sky lately…

And even as I was looking at the sunrise, the grey sky was starting to take over…

When we went out on our morning walk, there was no sign of the sun…

Good morning from Northside…

And this evening it was sprinkling. So yeah, good evening from Northside…

For dinner tonight, we ordered Danny Boy Burgers through DoorDash. Danny Boy is the new burger place on the University of Cincinnati’s campus. Apparently, Danny Boy started last year as a virtual kitchen inside of Keystone Bar & Grill, They specialize in hamburgers, Impossible burgers, and crispy golden fries. And their burgers are only available for delivery from DoorDash and carryout…

We were so excited when we were ordering, look at how good that burger looks…

And here’s my Danny Boy Burger and fries…

It was a little shocking when we unwrapped our everything. They were really small burgers. In the photo on DoorDash, they looked so big. But after looking at the photo again, what was shown was pretty accurate. But in the screengrab above if you look at the size of the pickles in comparison to the size of the burger, those are either huge pickles or little burgers. And I think we know which one it was. Still, the burgers were delicious and surprisingly filling. Their fries were outstanding. And so were their shakes. Overall it was good but I don’t know if I would order Danny Boy again. After we were finished eating, we watched Crypto on Hulu. It was okay. We decided that movies about hackers and crypto-currency don’t make for the best plotlines.

Overall, today was a bit disappointing all the way around. But we made it through another day. 😀🌄☁️🍔🍟📺❤️

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