Dixie Terminal.

After I posted photos of various Christmas trees around downtown someone told me that Dixie Terminal had a Christmas tree as well. So I stopped to check it out this evening on my way to catch the bus…

And there it is. It’s a pretty one too…

Dixie Terminal is one of the true gems of downtown Cincinnati. 😀🎄🏬❤️

Downtown details.

A while back, I did a kind of lackluster job of documenting my walk from work across downtown to catch the bus at Government Square. I gave it another pass tonight with similar results. I leave work and walk down McFarland Street…

This new graffiti just popped up the other day on Egan Alley…

I cross Elm Street and walk down Benham Alley…

There’s the construction site at Race and Fourth Streets with two tower cranes…

I walk down Fourth Street passed Unheardof sneaker shop…

On the other side of Vine Street, I walk by Aster on Fourth and the FC|C offices which were recently painted purple on the first two floors…

And I walk by the FC|C team shop

I walk by Dixie Terminal and Renaissance Hotel on Fourth Street and turn up Walnut Street to get Government Square on Fifth Street…

I really missed some key landmarks. Again. I’ll have to try to do a better job of documenting my walk from work down Fourth Street to catch the bus at Government Square. Maybe the third time will be the charm.  😀🏙️🚧❤️

Downtown details.

There was a big construction cone party out in front of Dixie Terminal on Fourth Street this morning…

It has to be some sort of joke right? 😀🚧❤️

Downtown details.

Whenever I walk passed Dixie Terminal on Fourth Street, I always stop and marvel at the beauty of its grand entry way…


Dixie Terminal.

Every Monday morning at work, we have our weekly status meeting. And every week, a randomly chosen handful of us are given a task to accomplish that week. Sometimes, it’s a group lunch or outing. Sometimes, it’s having to find an item or landmark around downtown. This week a group of us had to walk down to Dixie Terminal at Walnut and Fourth Streets and take a selfie in the long, street-level arcade with its jaw-droppingly gorgeous ornate ceiling…

The Dixie Terminal building was completed in 1921 and served as a streetcar terminal, stock exchange and office building in the Central Business District. The terminal was used for bus service after streetcar service ceased in the 1950s. The Cincinnati Stock Exchange closed its physical trading floor in 1976 after becoming an electronic stock trading exchange but remained in the building until relocating from Cincinnati to Chicago in 1995 and became the National Stock Exchange. Today, the building is home to Great American Insurance among other companies. 🙂

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