Downtown details.

A while back, I did a kind of lackluster job of documenting my walk from work across downtown to catch the bus at Government Square. I gave it another pass tonight with similar results. I leave work and walk down McFarland Street…

This new graffiti just popped up the other day on Egan Alley…

I cross Elm Street and walk down Benham Alley…

There’s the construction site at Race and Fourth Streets with two tower cranes…

I walk down Fourth Street passed Unheardof sneaker shop…

On the other side of Vine Street, I walk by Aster on Fourth and the FC|C offices which were recently painted purple on the first two floors…

And I walk by the FC|C team shop

I walk by Dixie Terminal and Renaissance Hotel on Fourth Street and turn up Walnut Street to get Government Square on Fifth Street…

I really missed some key landmarks. Again. I’ll have to try to do a better job of documenting my walk from work down Fourth Street to catch the bus at Government Square. Maybe the third time will be the charm.  😀🏙️🚧❤️

FC|C Adidas x Parley.

I love the color navy. It’s one of my favorite colors if not my most favorite. I also love navy stuff. I’d say about a quarter of my wardrobe is made up of navy stuff or has at least has some navy on it. So imagine my delight when I got this email from FC Cincy touting these limited edition Adidas X Parley navy Earth Day jerseys

As soon as saw the email, I saved what I was working on, grabbed my wallet and headed down the FC Cincinnati Team Store on Fourth Street

And now I have a brand new navy FC|C Adidas x Parley jersey! 😀⚽️🤗❤️

Gearing up for another season with FC|C.

FC Cincinnati has a new kit for their third season of exciting USL soccer action. So this afternoon, I crutched my way across downtown to the FC Cincinnati Team Store to pick up my brand new FC Cincinnati home jersey that had just arrived…

It was supposed to be all bang-bang, in and out but I made the mistake of stopping to look at the other new merch in the store. On the women’s side, I was really digging on these two FC|C sweatshirts for Genifer…

After a quick consultation via text with Genifer, she decided on the blue hoodie. What’s awesome about hoodies like this is that they zip up extra high on the neck. And they’re hoodies. Genifer got me an Arsenal hoodie for Christmas that has an extra high zip and it’s quickly become one of my very favorite sweatshirts. Because of the zip and well, it’s a navy Arsenal hoodie.

Also with the first real preseason match right against Nashville SC right around the corner on March 3rd, I figured I might as well pick up a couple of FC Cincinnati winter hats in case the weather decides to get all wintery on us again. I got one of each of these stocking caps. We’ll bicker about who gets to wear which one later. I’m just kidding, we don’t bicker. At all…

I got myself a new FC Cincinnati hoodie with a high zip as well…

And it has an embroidered crest on the arm…

And here’s my new FC|C 2018 home jersey…

I’m a little disappointed in it. Both the Nike logo and Toyota sponsor are part of the fabric of the jersey. On last season’s jersey, the Nike logo was embroidered and the Toyota logo was an applique. Also, I feel like I’m going to have to be extra careful with the FC|C crest. At first glance, it seems like you could easily peel it right off. It’s just kind of crazy that both sweatshirts I purchased feel like much more quality items than the jersey. And I really dig the extra little-embroidered details both of the sweatshirts have. Plus, the two sweatshirts combined cost just a little bit more than one jersey. To be honest, right now the jersey is just a little bit whomp-whomp to me. I’m sure it’ll grow on me as we get into the season. Oh well, #JoinTheMarch, right?

We’ll pick Genifer up a new jersey just as soon as FC Cincinnati announces when women’s or kids sizes are going to be in stock. 😀⚽️🔷🔶❤️

FC Cincinnati’s new team shop.

This afternoon I walked down to Fourth Street to check out the brand new FC Cincinnati Team Shop. The old FC Cincy shop located under FC|C Headquarters, and was pretty much a large coat closet stuffed with a few t-shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys…

The new FC Cincinnati Team Shop is located at 43 East Fourth Street, just down the street, kind of kiddie-corner to FC Cincinnati HQ…

It’s a pretty sweet shop. I can’t wait until they get a wider selection of shirts, sweatshirts and accessories. It’ll also be nice when they can actually keep all the sizes in stock. They selection was pretty picked over ahead of tomorrow night’s match with Tampa Bay. And there wasn’t an FC|C blackout t-shirt to be found in the store for Saturday’s blackout versus Louisville City. Still, it’s a pretty cool little team shop. Definitely more professional and legit than it used to be. They even have a jersey customization station where you can add player names and numbers to the back of your FC|C Nike authentic jersey to make it even more authentic…

Next time you’re in the Central Business District, make sure you check out the new FC Cincinnati Team Shop. 🙂

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