Porkopolis Pig & Whiskey Festival.

It was hard to believe that today was already the first day of October…

We rode the 17 bus downtown to the Porkopolis Pig & Whiskey Festival. Last year, it took place on Horseshoe Casino’s event lawn, and was really a lot of fun. This year’s 2nd annual Pig & Whiskey Festival took place at Washington Park. And I have to say when we walked up, we were a little underwhelmed…

The sizeable event lawn at Washington Park kind of swallowed the event whole…

But we had some time to kill before the start of the Reds game, so we got some tickets and soldiered on for some BBQ and whiskey…

First, we tried whiskey infused with sake. A bold new liquor experience bringing the best of East meets West from Karate Cowboy

They were offering a couple of different cocktails. A pineapple mule…

And a honey cran apple cider…

So we tried one of each. Both were absolutley delightful…

We also tried a root beer flavored bourbon from Rebel Yell

For food, we started with The Pockey from Huit…

Asian style ground pork with Chihuahua Cheese rolled in a flour torilla, deep fried and sauced with Huit’s house made sweet sambai…

Delicious and surprisingly filling. And we shared some really incredible St. Louis style ribs from Just Q’in…


Amazing ribs. The meat fell right off the bone. I was also going to get some burnt ends from Velvet Smoke BBQ but we couldn’t find the room to put them away…

So we got a Jack Tennessee Fire and Canadian Dry instead, which is a delicious cocktail…

And the Met Life Blimp was hovering over Washington Park the whole time…

Pig & Whiskey was definitely more fun last year. But we got to sample some alcohols we wouldn’t have normally got to try. We definitely want to add both Karate Cowboy flavors, and the Rebel Yell root beer bourbon to our home bar reserves. And whenever you get to hang out at Washington Park and gaze at Music Hall, it’s never a bad afternoon…🙂

Seen and noted.

We saw the Met Life blimp from the Metro 17 bus on our way downtown…


I have a thing for blimps. I just think it’s really neat to see them floating over the city.  Taken with Instagram. 🙂

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