Parfaits & calzones as big as your head.

This afternoon we walked over to our favorite brewery, Urban Artifact

Not too long ago at Urban Artifact, we finally got to try Wildfire Pizza Kitchen’s pizza. And their pizzas were outstanding. Today, we wanted to share one of their calzones and some cheese bread for lunch. Their calzones are huuuuge…

They’re so tasty! Ours was stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms. And you can’t beat their cheese bread. It’s one of the best things around. To wash down all that deliciousness, Genifer had an Operation Plowshare and I had a Strawberry Parfait

They also had actual strawberry parfaits…

I was going to have one for dessert after we finished our calzone and cheese bread but we missed our window and they had it all cleaned up and put away by the time we finished. Next time, I’ll have to eat my lunch faster so I can have some dessert. What a delicious Saturday afternoon! And when we heading out, we saw this classic beauty…

And now our day is complete. 😀🍕🍓❤️

Operation Plowshare.

We stopped by our favorite brewery, Urban Artifact this evening after work…

Yesterday, they tapped their Operation Plowshare, a Blackberry Midwest Fruit Tart. It tastes just like the filling from a jelly doughnut. Remember last fall when they gave you the options of having it with or without a sprinkle-covered rim? There weren’t any sprinkles this year but it was every bit as delicious…

We’re going to have to stop back and pick up a couple of four packs…

Great stuff. We love Urban Artifact and their amazing beers. 😀🍩🎃❤️

Operation Plowshare.

We stopped at Urban Artifact this evening after picking up more pecan rolls from Shadeau Breads at the Northside Farmers Market to try their latest creation, Operation Plowshare. It’s a Black Raspberry Jelly Doughnut Ale made in partnership with Holtman Donuts and Yelp Cincinnati to Celebrate National Donut Month and Yelp’s Baked & Brewed! And Plowshare was delightful. It tasted just like biting into the center of jelly-filled donut…

We got one with sprinkles and one without…

Great stuff. I only wish we would have remembered to grab one of our growlers. 🙂

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