The Dennison Hotel Park.

Remember when I saw people putting the finishing touches on a cute little park on the site of the old Dennison Hotel? I walked by it again today. And it wasn’t so cute.
It was all artificial turf grass and the entrance was padlocked shut…

I don’t understand why they would even bother making it look presentable only to not allow anyone into this space. But then again, people suck especially the people who tore down the Dennison Hotel to create this illusion. 😐🌳❤️

Downtown details.

I ran some errands around downtown this afternoon…

They’re turning the site of the old Dennison Hotel into a super cute little park…

I’m going to have to go back to check it out when they are actually finished with it. But it was more than I expected from this space. I thought it was just going to be more surface parking lot. I was going to ride the streetcar Cincinnati Connector or one of those silly little scooters down to The Banks. But it was so nice outside and I can actually walk again without pain, so I just walked down to Great American Ball Park…

I was getting us some Reds tickets for the final week of their season…

From GABP, I walked down Freedom Way and noted Joella’s Hot Chicken. I’m going to have to come back down to The Banks to check that out for lunch one day…

I continued on to stop to admire the new 150-foot tall SkyStar observation wheel at The Banks. It’s only a temporary addition to downtown. It’s there to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of The Banks. We’ll have to make sure to ride it before December 2nd…

They were getting The Banks ready for Oktoberfest Zinzinnati…

And then I rode the streetcar back to work. Somebody’s gotta ride it now and then…

And then it was back to work…

It’s fun to take a little bit of time out of your day to run around downtown Cincinnati to see the sites especially the new additions. 😀🏙️❤️

Just another rainy day.

Even the driving rain couldn’t get the demolition of The Dennison Hotel to slow down…

It was just a kind of rainy, grey and crappy day. 😞 ☂️

(de)Constructing Cincinnati.

It’s been really sad watching the historic Dennison Hotel come down brick by brick…


This makes me sad.

I was really saddened to return to work this morning only to find out that I have a front row seat to the demolition of the historic Dennison Hotel from my window at work…

It makes me really sad that another piece of downtown Cincinnati’s past is being torn down just to make way for another surface parking lot. 😦

Mian Street is losing an icon.

It’s hard to imagine what Main Street would look like without the Dennison Hotel. 😦

The Dennison Hotel.

They’ve started putting up scaffolding along the facade of The Dennison Hotel after a Hamilton County judge rejected a bid to delay the demolition of the 125-year-old building at Main and Seventh Streets…

I’ve walked passed the Dennison every day for the last seven years. And I can see the top of the building from my office window at work. After living and working just around the corner from the historic building for so long, it’s absence would create a huge hole in the downtown landscape. It’s really unfortunate the owners decided to move forward with demolition instead of renovating and preserving a piece of Cincinnati’s history. I’m going to miss The Dennison Hotel. 😦

The Dennison Hotel tarp.

The owners of the former Dennison Hotel downtown have draped a large tarp “safety” net over the front of the building to make sure nothing falls off the historic former hotel and injures people walking by…

I’ve never seen anything like that. How much do you think a tarp like that costs? I wish the owners would stop dragging their feet, stop being jerks and start the necessary rehab to renovate the space, turn it into modern, overpriced apartments/condos, and return The Dennison Hotel to it’s former glory already. :/

Downtown details.

It looked like they were working on The Dennison Hotel this afternoon…



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