It’s what’s for lunch: Taco Bell’s Spicy Double Chalupa.

I have a confession. I love Taco Bell’s Chalupa Supreme. They are one of my little guilty pleasures. I used to be able to resist, mostly because there wasn’t a Taco Bell in close proximity. But then the Taco Bell Cantina opened over on Sixth Street in downtown Cincinnati. Now about once every couple weeks or so, I find myself ordering two chalupas online and walking over to Sixth Street to pick them up. It makes for a tasty, quick and cheap lunch. We were watching TV the other night and when I saw a commercial for Taco Bell’s new Spicy Double Chalupa, I knew what was going to be happening soon…

It was every bit as good as the normal chalupas. But just more of it. And it was almost too much of a good thing. The thing that I discovered was I really like the ratio of ingredients on the normal chalupa. It’s just the right amount of everything. It was definitely worth trying the new double chalupa. Because theoretically, who wouldn’t love more of a good thing? But I think I’m just going to stick with my original guilty pleasure. 😀🌮❤️

Coming soon: Monk Asian Eatery.

It looks like there’s a new Asian eatery called Monk going in on Main Street between Sixth and Seventh Streets where The Orient used to be

I can’t wait to try this place once it opens. I hope it’s as good at The Orient or even better. Because you can never have too many good Asian eateries. 😀🍜❤️

Constructing Cincinnati.

The demolition of the building across the street from Deskey continues…

I took this timelapse Instagram video of them deconstructing the little room on top of the building. It’s been really interesting to watch them start deconstructing this building mostly by hand. 😀🚧❤️

Seen and noted.

I saw another Rothko-esque graffiti cover up this morning in downtown Cincinnati…

Oh and Tag! You’re it.😀🎨🖌️❤️

Three years ago.

Our beloved bud dog passed away three years ago this evening…

It’s really hard to believe Milan’s been gone for three years now. There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by where we still haven’t missed him in bunches even after all this time. He’s always in our thoughts each and every day. And I’m so very thankful that a couple of bud dog photos show up in my Timehop almost every morning…

All of us still miss you so very much, Milan. You helped me through one of the roughest patches of my life and helped me come out the other side. You were always there for me.  Always there with me. You were the best friend I’ve ever had. And it breaks our hearts that you’re not still here with us now. You would have loved our big house with our little backyard and our neighborhood with all the walks we take through the woods. You were definitely taken from us far too soon. 😦

Rest in peace, bud dog. I will always love you and miss you
more than words could ever possibly say. 😢

Milan Fiala: January 5th, 2006 – October 26th, 2015

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