It was this kind of Sunday.

It was an NYPD cheese pizza sort of really lazy Sunday…

I’m not exactly sure how cajun seasoned fries came to replace cheese garlic bread in our normal NYPD order but I’m not complaining. Because we love our NYPD cheese pizza! 😀🍕🐔🍟❤️

Home Sweet Home.

We walked through an open house across the street from us. The house was smaller than ours but it was really super cute. It didn’t have much of a backyard. But it had a pretty amazing back deck. When we were up on the third floor across the street from home, I snapped this photo of our house…

It seems there’s always something you could be working on, fixing up or updating but I still love our house so much. 😀🏡❤️

We’re moving like this today…

Also, we saw a snail today on one of our dog walks. I hope he gets to where he’s going before it gets too cold. 😀🐌❤️

Once upon a time.

Back in the day before Swarm became its own thing, there was Foursquare. And there was a time not too long ago that I set a new personal best on for points…

Fast forward seven years, and my current personal best for points over seven days is a whopping 3,431 points. It doesn’t mean anything at all. I just found in kind of interesting. And after all this time, I still really like my check-ins on Swarm! 😀⭐️❤️

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