Good evening from Northside.

Good evening from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

Sidewalk encouragement.

We saw this sidewalk encouragement on our dog walk this evening…

You got this! Taken with Instagram. 😀🖌️👍❤️

Constructing Cincinnati.

The hand demolition of the building continued across the street at the corner of Main and Eighth Street…

And down the street work continues on the building that is home to Taqueria Mercado at the corner of Walnut and Eighth Streets. That’s actually the entrance to their Mexican restaurant just above the furthest most construction pilon to the right…

It’s pretty amazing that they’ve been able to stay open through all the construction on the building they call home. 😀🚧❤️

What’s happening?!

When we stopped to get coffee at our beloved Sidewinder this morning, their front door was blocked and we had to go down the alley and through the back door…

We didn’t even know there was a back door. It reminded me of the time we when finally figured out how to get into Collective Espresso in Northside

It turns out Sidewinder was getting a new front door installed this morning…

We think Sidewinder’s coffee is just the best. And we love stopping to get coffee from Sidewinder in the mornings. But just twice a week because that stuff could get really expensive if you got it every day. 😀☕️❤️


Last night, the Red Sox won the World Series. This morning this popped up in my Timehop from five years ago…

I love it when teams I like win. Thanks, Timehop! 😀🦕❤️

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