We got to watch this adorable puppy.

We got to watch our friend, Robert’s puppy for the day while he was out of town…

His name is Sabot. Our friends, Chris and Tayler were watching him. But they were out of town at the Kansas City Chiefs game so we picked up Sabot from their house in Northside after last night’s FC|C match, and he hung out with us all day today. Mack and Sabot became best friends really fast…

They would play and wrestle go outside and Sabot would get worn out pretty quick. And then he’d just hop up on the sofa and crash out…

Oscar was not a fan of the puppy. But he’s not really a fan of Mack for that matter…

The puppy liked going on walks with Mack…

And then we went upstairs and he crashed out…

He was so cute and so good. We actually thought about getting a puppy for a little bit but then we decided that two dogs are plenty for us right now. But we’d be willing to watch Sabot anytime. 😀🐾❤️

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