Good evening from Northside.

Good evening from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

What the heck happened?! Part two.

On our way home from work, the sky started to look pretty threatening…

A few minutes later, it started pouring down rain. And then we saw this sight up the road at the corner of Central Parkway and Monmouth Avenue…

That’s the second car I’ve seen that’s been flipped over so far this year. And that’s pretty crazy by itself but the fact that both flipped over cars were on straightaways makes it even crazier.  😀🚗🗯️❤️

Happy National Taco Day!

Today is National Taco Day! I celebrated the holiday by walking to get two nacho cheese chalupas from downtown Cincinnati’s Taco Bell Cantina… 

Chalupas are kind of like tacos, right? Either way, they’re still delicious. 😀🌮❤️

Good morning from Northside.

The sky was incredibly orange this morning when we were walking the dogs…

And there was very pretty light when we stopped to get coffee…

Good morning from Northside. 😀🌄❤️

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