Back to Taft’s Brewpourium.

As Cincinnati restaurants begin to finally reopen, things like hand sanitizing stations, masked servers, and social distance–marked floors are all going to apparently be the new dining-out norm. On Friday, May 15, Ohio restaurants put many of these practices into place as they reopened their patios. And yesterday, they followed by opening their indoor dining room service too.

So after working on our front yard all day, we decided to treat ourselves and order pizza to eat AT Taft’s Brewpourium. The way we figured it, it was all pretty poetic…

The Brewpourium was the last restaurant we ate at before the pandemic closed everything for just over two long months. It was only fitting that the Brewpourium was the first place we ate when restaurants finally reopened…

We dropped off a whole bunch of old growlers for recycling…

I think we almost completely filled those first two boxes.

Please wait to be seated is also going to be the new normal…

We were shown to our table…

We made fancy pants reservations because we thought there would be a whole lot more people craving to eat AT the Brewpourium as much as we were…

We were wrong. But we didn’t care. We had the place all to ourselves last time. Why not have the place all to ourselves this time too?

Cheers to dining out again!


And, and, and… Taft’s Brewpourium had their incredible chicken wings back available. And I had been missing their wings so much. They weren’t available for online ordering during the shutdown. I almost ordered 12 wings. But there’s no way two people can eat 12 Brewpourium wings. No way. So we got 6 Cherrywood BBQ wings and a small white pizza with sausage. And it was amazing to be back out somewhere…

Their white pizza was seriously delicious…

After we finished eating, we just sat there and had a couple of beers and stared out their garage door windows that were wide open. And it was heavenly.

We’re really glad that all the restaurants, especially Taft’s Brewpourium are back open. 😀🍕🐔🍺❤️

We hope people are smart and use common sense when they’re out so that the inevitable second wave of COVID-19 is minimized as much as possible. But we weren’t not going to hold our breath. People are idiots.

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