We found a new vet.

It’s another grey and overcast Monday…

Good morning from Northside…

Genifer had to go into her office today. And this morning our third-floor WyzeCam captured a fire truck on our street for a moment…

We’ve been looking for a new vet because we were getting tired of the one we had been going to up in College Hill. And Mack is still not great in the car. He’s getting better. But he’s still not great. Genifer found Dr. Mike’s Mobile Veterinary Service on the interwebs. And they came right to our house…

They were great! They looked over our guys. Checked out Mack’s ears, Oscar’s cough and knee. Everything was good. They gave us home remedies to try for Mack’s ears. And the allergy medicine the dogs take was a lot cheaper from Dr. Mike. I think we just found a new vet!

Good evening from Northside…

For dinner tonight, we had vegetable Tikka Marsala for dinner tonight…

It’s so good and tasty. We really like it a lot. And Genifer made deep dish cookies again for dessert with little ice cream party cups…

Tonight, we started watching Lupin on Netflix. And we made it through another Monday. 😀🌄🚒🐾🥣🍪🐻❤️

And this is totally us, especially when we’re working from home…

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