Already three times this year.

As we were getting up and moving this morning, there was a loud pop that we could hear over our sound machine and then we lost power.

Oh. And it’s still grey and overcast…

Good morning from Northside…

On our way home from our walk, Duke Energy was already arriving on our street…

They had our power back on a little before 9 am. But I think this was already the third time we’ve lost power this year. And that’s a little worrisome. The Duke Energy website said there was an animal on the line. Poor squirrels.

Anyway, we have a lot of blooms in our front yard…

We had cheesy turkey wraps on the panini press for lunch …

The panini press has become one of my favorite little kitchen appliances.

After we finished our work day, we went on our walk and the sun was out!

Good evening from Northside…

We ordered El Taco Veloz through DoorDash…

Genifer gets the kids quesadilla with a side of beans and rice…

And I love their ground beef chimi…

El Taco Veloz is sooo good. I love that there is a service that will bring me a chimichanga whenever I really need one. What an amazingly wonderful world we live in.

If you look really close just above the leaf in the dirt, there was a little baby bird in the back corner of our backyard…

I don’t think the little bird had mastered flying yet, it would flap it’s wing but wouldn’t go anywhere. Eventually, it hopped through a gap in our fence where the side meets the back. Hopefully, it figures out how to fly pretty soon.

When we got upstairs, I was looking out our front window and I got the impression that tonight’s sunset might be really pretty…

I went back down to check it out in our backyard…

But it was just an okay sunset. But it was a really good day. We watched a couple more episodes of Lisey’s Story on Apple TV. And I’m super excited because the Euro Championship starts tomorrrow afternoon! 😀🌄🏡🇲🇽🫔❤️

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