Slow down and grill.

I stopped at Clifton Market again on the way home this evening…

I picked up a few odds & ends supplies, some stuff to grill tonight and one of these delicious sounding orange chocolate chip muffins…

There is nothing better than stuff straight off the grill. 😀🍔🌭❤️

More grilling with Clifton Market.

On the way home, I stopped at Clifton Market again to get some more of their amazing bacon cheddar burgers to put on the grill this evening…

And you know it’s almost summer when the Bell’s Oberon makes its first appearance…

We put the burgers on the grill and Genifer had some chicken cutlets too…

Those burgers are so delicious…

And it turned out to be a really pretty evening as well…


Grilling with Clifton Market.

On my way home, I stopped in Clifton to pick up some stuff to grill for dinner …

I picked up some regular burger patties and and some cheddar bacon stuffed burger patties from the meat counter at the new Clifton Market…

I grabbed my groceries and headed to get back on the bus…

Check out these odd little creatures in one of the shop windows along Ludlow Avenue…

When I got home, we fired up the grill…

We threw a few hot dogs on the grill as well…

And Genifer made a bunch of oven fries…

And it was another awesome dinner off the grill…

Those cheddar and bacon stuffed burgers were just outstanding. We’re definitely have to get some more very soon. And we’re definitely loving our new grill. I think we could grill every night and never get tired of it. 🙂

China Kitchen.

I stopped at Clifton Market on my way home this evening to look for the hard-to-find Braxton x Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Milk Stout collaboration…

But sadly, they were already all sold out. The stop wasn’t a complete loss though. I ducked into China Kitchen for the first time and brought us home some carry-out…

We got Szechuan Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken and some fried wontons. I think we just found our new go-to Chinese restaurant. It was really delicious stuff. And so much of it for a very reasonable price. I love my Metro 17 bus. It makes life ridiculously easy. 🙂

Clifton Market.

This afternoon we rode our beloved Metro 17 bus over to Clifton’s Gaslight District…

We wanted to check out the long awaited new co-op grocery store, Clifton Market

It’s been three years in the making since planning began…

From to Clifton Market’s website:

The co-op business model is the best way to serve the community.  Grocery co-ops source more local food, pay better wages, and put more money back into the local economy.  Profits from the co-op are returned to owners in the community in the form of patronage dividends.  This encourages owner loyalty because the more you shop, the more you get back.

We’re most excited about it because it’s right on the 17 bus line home from downtown. So if there’s ever a need to stop and pick something up for dinner, or if we’re missing a key ingredient, I can stop on my way home from work without having to get in the car and run back out to our local Kroger. Plus with it being a co-op, I feel better about my money going back into the community. Annnnd, I want to see Clifton Market do well because the new Northside co-op grocery store, Apple Street Market is based off the same premise. I would love to have option of going to Clifton Market right on the bus line or stopping at Apple Street Market just a few blocks from our house. 🙂

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February 20th and it's 81° outside. Valentine's Day blooms blooming.
🌹🌼🌸♥️😍 Good evening from Northside.

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