Hello from Grey Midwest.

This morning at Grey Midwest we had our monthly company meeting…

You can tell when it’s a company meeting morning because the chairs were all set up around the flat screens and the robotic dinosaur was guarding the all the wires that run to the flatscreens…

And I admire this guy on someone’s desk every time I get up to refill my water…

Later in the morning, I had a meeting down on the second floor. I got to my meeting early and just around the corner from the conference room was this giant bear just snoozing away in an empty cubicle…

He looked super uncomfortable so I repositioned him a bit…

It was pretty random. Also pretty random is the awesome mural on the second floor…

It was another interesting and fun day at Grey Midwest. It’s never boring over here.

I’d just like to add I’ve learned more stuff in the last eight months since I joined Grey than I learned in the six years I was at my last job. And I’m really kicking myself for staying there that long. Oh well. Live and learn. It’s just nice to be back in the big time.

Good morning from downtown Cincinnati.

Hello. Good morning from downtown Cincinnati. It’s the start of another week. 😀🌇❤️

Hello from downtown Cincinnati.

Hello. Good evening from downtown Cincinnati. 😀🌇❤️

Did you bring your umbrella?

Hello from another rainy day in downtown Cincinnati…

I guess it’s just that rainy time of year. I’m glad I remembered my umbrella. 😀🌧️☔️❤️

Hello from downtown Cincinnati.

Hello. Good afternoon from downtown Cincinnati.😀🏙️❤️

A grey rainy morning.

It was a grey and rainy morning at Grey Midwest


It’s what you crave?

For whatever reason, two crave cases of White Castle cheeseburger sliders showed up at the office today around lunchtime…

I hadn’t had White Castle in years and years. Today, I had two little sliders…

They were pretty much exactly how I remember them. And now I can go years and years without having them again. 🤢🍔❤️

Staring out the window.

Just staring out the window this morning at Grey Midwest

It’s not the best view but it’s also not the worst view. And it looked like it was a really pretty day outside. 😀🏙️❤️


A decent portion of my job is working as part of an interdisciplinary team with our partner agencies within the WPP network for one of our bigger clients. The team I work with was all in Cincinnati this week for meetings. And tonight, we all went out to dinner at Mita’s on Fifth Street. It was good to get to put names with faces and have the opportunity to get to know everyone a little bit better…


And dinner was delicious. It was a really good time. 😀🍱❤️

A really foggy morning.

It was really foggy this morning in Northside…

And it was really foggy when we got downtown too. The Bengals Stadium is supposed to be right over there…

And you should be able to see some more buildings…

But eventually, the fog started to burn off…

And it turned out to be a pretty nice day. 😀🌫️❤️

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