Another Northside Saturday.

So recently, I’ve been tinkering with the notion of buying a new camera. Most likely a new point&shoot but maybe a 4/3 mirrorless camera. I’d start looking at cameras and I always stop because the camera on my new Samsung Galaxy Note9 is sooo good. It’s really become my go-to camera. It’s always right there in my pocket. And the quality is probably just as good as one of my dSLRs. So I’ve really hesitated to pull the trigger on a new camera. Then I stumbled across Moment. They are very stylish cases for your mobile device that have different attachable camera lenses. It’s a pretty genius idea.

Recently, I ordered a Moment case for my Note9. I also ordered Moment’s Superfish lens. But for whatever reason, they sent me their 58mm Tele lens instead. After playing with it for a bit. I decided to keep the Tele lens. The lens gives your photos this awesome vignette in the corners. It’s a look I’ve always loved. And then I thought somewhere down the line, try again to get the Superfish.

Genifer gave me one of my birthday presents early today. And it was the Superfish lens!

I grabbed my brand new lens and we headed out a really late lunch at Blue Jay

The super fish lens is super neat. It gives you a 170-degree field of view, and it really expands the capabilities of your mobile camera. I really like it a lot. I also really like this chicken tender sammich I ordered at Blue Jay…

Genifer ordered a grilled cheese with tomatoes…

We love Blue Jay. Their food isn’t anything fancy. It’s just really solid and delicious and ridiculously inexpensive. After we were done with lunch, we walked down to Higher Gravity for a flight…

While we were at HG, we met up with our friends Chris and Tayler…

There’s a brand new brewery that’s been in the works in Northside for a while now called Humble Monk Brewing Co. It’s just kitty-corner to Urban Artifact. And we heard that they were opening just for this weekend for people to try their first beers while they raise more funds as they can continue the renovations upgrades to their brewery.

So we had to walk over to check it out…

Their beers were pretty good. Nothing too out of the ordinary. They had four beers on tap at the start of the day. But had already run out of one of them. We tried their Saison/Farmhouse Ale and their Imperial Stout. I thought the stout was really good. A little on the boozy side but still pretty good. We hung out for a beer. Their space is pretty great if they could get more beers together. Here are a few photos of industrial Northside when I was playing with my Superfish lens…

And from there, we headed around the corner to The Hamilton

I think The Hamilton has some of the best charcuterie boards around…

I love their charcuterie. After we finished our delicious meats and cheese, we headed for home. We walked the dogs around the block…

And called it a night on another wonderful Saturday in Northside. 😀⬆️❤️

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