HOORAY! It’s Friday!

HOORAY! It’s Friday! It was a little chilly and a little grey this morning…

Good morning from Northside…

And it was time for day four of my Lego City Advent Calendar…

How fun is Lego stuff? I got all my work done for the day and finished my timesheets for the week.

And then it was good evening from Northside…

It was a very pretty December evening.

For dinner tonight, Genifer made chicken marinated in Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki with baked sweet potatoes and we finished the rest of the Thanksgiving stuffing….

It was such a great meal. The Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki is a teriyaki sauce/marinade that mkes anything taste like the most out of this world, outstandingly good stuff.

None of my teams were playing their sports tonight…

And as a result, we got to watch A Christmas Catch tonight on Netflix. It was pretty cheesy and not very good. It wasn’t as bad as one of the other movies we watched, Hometown Holiday but it was still far from good. Both seemed like they were Hallmark movie rejects. 😀🌄🐔📺❤️

Thank goodness it’s Friday.

None of your teams are playing today.

When I wake up every morning, the first thing I do is look at the weather. Then I doom scroll through the news emails (1440, CNN 5 Things, NYT Morning Briefing, & NPR Daily News) in my inbox really quick. Then I check the Sports 365 app to see what sports are going to be taking place later in the day. I use Sports 365 to help decide what I’m going to wear and if there will be anything interesting to watch later. I checked the app this morning and saw this…

That’s never happened before. Inside Sports 365, I tagged 42 teams and 11 competitions as favourites. Apparently, none of them were playing their respective sports today. Now I have no idea what I’m going to wear today and more importantly what I’m going to watch later. After Sports 365, the next app I look at is my Timehop. These photos were in my Timehop this morning…

And today was my 850th Timehop in a row

My 800th Timehop came when we were on our trip to Duck back in August.

And after all that, I can start my day. 😀🌄📱❤️

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