It’s what’s for dinner.

When Genifer picked me up from work this evening, we walked down to Fusian on Sixth Street to pick up some sushi to bring home for dinner tonight…

We shared three rolls starting with the left coast roll

And a taka tuna roll

And a soho salmon roll

And we managed to finish it all! Fusian’s sushi is delicious! 😀🍣❤️

Fusian sushi.

We haven’t had sushi in quite a little while. After work, I stopped at Fusian on Sixth Street to bring us home a bunch of delicious Fusian sushi

And after riding the bus home, it was time to eat. I brought home a tako tuna roll, soho salmon roll, left coast roll and a chicken+rice roll…

Genifer favorite was the left coast roll…

And mine was the soho salmon roll…

Fusian sushi is delicious! 😀🍣🥢❤️

Fusian Friday.

Work was crazy busy today and I didn’t get a chance to get any lunch. As soon as work was over and all the day’s fires were put out, I used Fusian’s handy app to place a to-go order so I could bring home some delicious Fusian sushi for dinner tonight…

When I got over to Sixth Street, my order was waiting for me all set to go…

The hardest part was sitting next to all that yummy sushi on the bus ride home and not being to dig in…

Genifer got a California roll. And I got Shrimp tempura…

And spicy tuna…

YUM! 😀🍣❤️

Fusian sushi.

I brought home some Fusian sushi and seaweed salads for dinner tonight…

Fusian sushi is delicious! 🙂

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