Slow down and grill.

And look at all those beautiful, out-of-focus dogs…

Ohmigosh. Why does everything taste sooo good when it comes off the grill? 😀🍔🌭❤️

Apricot Coffee House.

After making a run to Trader Joe’s this morning, we got to stop at another new coffee shop. This morning’s pick was the new Apricot Coffee House in Pleasant Ridge…

Genifer had a latte. You could see the flower pattern through the lid…

And they had donuts from Starlight Doughnut Lab

I had the Choc Norris cold brew, cacao and banana smoothie with a mint chocolate donut from Starlight Doughnuts Lab

Apricot Coffee House is a great little coffee shop. We’ll definitely be back! 😀☕️🍩❤️

400 Timehops.

400 Timehops in a row!

Timehop is fun. 😀🦕❤️