Pause for paws.

Oscar loves his Nylabones and he has a bunch of them to choose from…

He is a regular little Nylabone thug ‘n harmony. 😀🐾🦴❤️

Happy birthday, Higher Gravity!

It was Higher Gravity‘s second anniversary party weekend! So on the way home from work, we stopped in to wish them a happy birthday…

While we were hanging out at HG, we had some spicy cheese balls from Chameleon

Happy birthday, Higher Gravity! We’re very happy you’re in Northside! 😀🍻🎂❤️

Locoba by Platform.

We took a detour on the way to work this morning to swing by Locoba by Platform on Main Street in OtR to try their coffee. We’ve been to Locoba before for Platform’s beers. But we’ve never tried their coffee…

My caramel latte was so good…

And that makes it even more of a bummer that their coffees only come in one size. Not big enough. Also, another bummer is that they only serve breakfast sammiches on the weekends. So yeah. Bummer. 😀☕️❤️


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